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Cheapest White Fused Alumina Abrasives Thailand

From the above discussion(white aluminum oxide), it can be seen that both the process of forced high elastic deformation and the process of bag breaking are relaxation processes, and the influence of time factor is naturally great, so the speed of the force also directly affects the occurrence and development of forced high elastic deformation(silicon carbide companies). In order to make the chain segment move, it needs a lot of external force, even more than the strength of the material.

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For the same external force, the tensile speed is too fast, the forced high elastic deformation is too late to occur(brown aluminium oxide), or the forced high elastic shape is not enough In development, brittle fracture occurs in the sample.However, if the controlled elongation rate is too slow, some viscous flow will occur in the linear glassy polymer(arc fused alumina), and only when the tensile rate is appropriate, the forced high elasticity of the glassy polymer can be fully demonstrated.

However, the forced high elasticity is mainly determined by the structure of polymer(brown fused aluminum oxide). The necessary condition of forced high elasticity is that the vegetable complex should have a movable chain segment. This kind of polymer has forced high elasticity but not brittleness in the glassy state. And very close, only when the molecular weight increases to a certain extent, and just pull(fused alumina). In the second stage, the stress-strain curve shows that the stress is almost constant, but the strain is increasing.

Because when the flexible chain cools to glassy state, the molecules are piled up closely, and the movement of the chain segment is very difficult when it is glassy state(black aluminum oxide). Therefore, the polymer with good chain flexibility is brittle in glassy state, which is very close to that. If the polymer chain is rigid, it will pile up loose when it cools, and the phase between molecules The interaction force is small(white alumina powder), and there is more room for chain segment movement.

The whole curve can be divided into three sections(pink aluminum oxide). Only by changing the conformation of the chain through the movement of the chain segment can it show high elastic deformation, but the forced high elasticity is different from the ordinary high elasticity, which requires the molecule to have a flexible chain structure(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The influence of external factors such as temperature, external force and acting speed on the forced high elasticity is discussed above.

Its brittleness point is lower and the interval between and is larger(white fused alumina). However, if the rigidity of polymer chain is too large, although the chain stacking is also looser, the chain segment cannot move and there is no forced high elasticity. The material is still brittle. In addition, the molecular weight of the polymer also has an effect(silicon carbide price). The polymer with smaller molecular weight is also tightly stacked in the glassy state, which makes the polymer brittle.

When the typical crystalline polymer is stretched in one direction, it has a more obvious turning point than that of glassy polymer(green carborundum). In the first stage, the stress increases linearly with the strain, and the specimen is uniformly stretched, with the elongation reaching several to ten percent(artificial corundum). After the Y point, the cross section of the specimen suddenly becomes uneven, and one or several "thin necks" appear, thus entering the second stage.

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