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In 1961, Coblel reported for the first time that MgO was added as an additive to alumina to suppress grain growth and promote sintering densification(silicon carbide abrasive), which led to the study of the effects of various additives on the properties of corundum. In order to activate sintering, reduce the firing temperature, or improve certain properties of corundum(white fused alumina suppliers), a certain amount of additives are often added in actual research and production.

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Experts at home and abroad began to turn their attention to the research of additives(brown fused aluminum oxide). Additives are mainly divided into three categories according to the mechanism of action: The first category produces solid solutions with alumina. The wetting, bonding, and tensioning effects of the liquid phase strengthen the contact body diffusion surface and shorten the body diffusion distance(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The role of promoting sintering is more significant.

When the admixture is close to the sintered body Al2O3 ion size(white fused alumina), lattice type and electricity price, it can be dissolved with the body to form a solid solution, causing the main crystal phase Lattice distortion occurs, which promotes an increase in the number of defects, activates the lattice, and decompose into fluoride after sintering(green silicon carbide), facilitates the movement of structural elements and promotes sintering(such as strength, hardness, wear resistance, etc.).

When they form a limited-displacement solid solution between them, it is more helpful to promote sintering(black aluminum oxide). The greater the difference between the valence and radius of the additive ions and the sintering body ions, the greater the degree of lattice distortion of alumina(steel grid). For example, when Al2O3 is sintered, adding 3% Cr2O3 to form a continuous solid solution can be sintered at 1860 ℃, while adding 1-2% TiO2 can achieve densification only at 1600 ℃.

The second type generates liquid phase during sintering(white aluminum oxide), which is conducive to the migration of alumina grain boundaries and accelerates the material transfer rate during sintering by 1-10. Such additives are mainly glass forming bodies such as SiO2, promotes phase transition or promotes sintering, supplemented by glass intermediates Al2O3, BeO, ZnO, etc(black silicon carbide). and glass adjusting bodies such as MgO, Li2O3, BaO, CaO, Sr2O3 etc. to form systems such as MAS, CAS, LAS, etc.

Liquid phase generally appears at the grain boundary(pink aluminum oxide). For example, in the sintering process of alumina ceramics, when CaO: SiO2 = 1: 1 is added, the CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 liquid phase is generated, so that the material can be sintered at 1540 ℃. The third type is a catalytic additive(garnet abrasive). This type of additive reacts with the matrix during the sintering process to form a catalytic intermediate, and decomposes again at the later stage of sintering.

In order to improve the performance of ceramic corundum abrasives(white corundum), Yin Zhou and Yenl14 et al. Found that F- as an additive can generate fluoride intermediate phase at high temperature, reduce the transition temperature of alumina phase. Additives are mainly divided into six categories according to compound categories: alkaline earth metal oxides(garnet suppliers); transition metal oxides; rare metal oxides; SiO2; B2O3; fluorides and other non-oxides.

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