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Cheapest White Fused Alumina Micro Powder Suppliers UAE

Sometimes in order to overcome the effect of the temperature gradient at the middle and both ends of the synthetic rod on the diamond synthesis, the graphite sheets at both ends can be thickened(silicon carbide grit suppliers). When the assembly method of carbon and catalyst materials is selected, the selection and control of the synthesis process becomes very important(carborundum grit suppliers). The synthesis process includes temperature control, pressure increase and time control.

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Regarding how to choose the synthesis pressure and synthesis temperature, it is explained by the following test results(white fused alumina). Selection of synthetic pressure Synthetic pressure has a significant effect on the output and quality of diamond. Synthetic temperature selection Different synthetic materials, synthetic parts assembly methods, the selected temperature and pressure are different(aluminum oxide sandblasting). Application of this process can obtain large quantities of high-quality 40~60 mesh thick synthetic diamond.

(cheapest white fused alumina micro powder suppliers uae)Generally, when the pressure gauge value rises to 1/3 or 1/2 of the synthesis pressure, the heating starts(white aluminum oxide). Make the temperature reach the synthesis value first, or make the temperature and pressure reach the synthesis value at the same time. Ordinary abrasive grade diamond synthesis time is relatively short, generally using 6~8min synthesis time. It takes longer to synthesize coarse-grain high-strength diamond, about 20~30min(arc fused alumina). So these two points are the key.

Product transparency is very good, dark yellow, black diamonds are basically not(brown fused aluminum oxide). As for the selection test results of the synthesis pressure, the graphite used is Sk2 and the catalyst is Niro-Mn3o. The results on the table of synthetic gauge pressure indicate that the single output of diamond increases with the increase of synthetic pressure(black oxide aluminum); the coarse particle size ratio decreases with the increase of synthetic pressure; the compressive strength decreases with the increase of synthetic pressure.(cheapest white fused alumina micro powder suppliers uae)

If too high power (2490W) is used and the temperature is too high, most of the synthetic test rods are intermediate sintered(silicon carbide price), or diamonds appear in batches, mainly dendritic, flake and amorphous diamonds, with fewer complete single crystals and good quality. Considering that it is necessary to improve the strength and coarse-grain ratio of diamond(glass beads supplier), and to take into account the output, it is generally appropriate to choose a synthetic gauge pressure of 950~1000kg/cm2.

(cheapest white fused alumina micro powder suppliers uae)The products synthesized under the above parameters have an average single output of 59ct(silicon carbide companies), of which 40~60 mesh diamond particles account for more than 80% of the total output, the compressive strength is not less than 18kg accounts for about 37%, and the compressive strength is not less than 25kg accounts for about 13%(fused alumina). That is to say, when the pressure has not risen to the synthesis pressure, the synthesis chamber is heated. The power wattage is too small (2130W).

This kind of diamond is now widely used in diamond products, especially made of sintered saw blades to cut stone, and can also provide diamond raw materials for high temperature brazed products(green carborundum). The synthesis of coarse-grained and high-quality diamonds is an important subject pursued by those engaged in the superhard materials industry(silicon carbide 180 grit). When the temperature is low, there are more synthetic black diamonds, less intact single crystals, serious impurity coating, and poor quality.

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