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Cheapest White Fused Alumina Price In UK

A lot of aluminum ash is produced in the process of white fused alumina processing. The treatment of aluminum ash usually needs to go through secondary refining or mechanical method to extract metal aluminum. After extracting aluminum, there are still a lot of aluminum ash left. These aluminum ash are difficult to be treated, usually landfill, corundum white which will undoubtedly cause serious environmental pollution.

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Aluminum ash is usually used to make water purification agent (basic white aluminum oxide chloride) at home and abroad, but this method is also easy to produce secondary pollution. The specific methods are as follows: using anthracite as reducing agent of impurities, iron scraps as precipitating agent, using aluminum ash as pretreatment chemical waste to produce aluminium oxide abrasive grit by EAF smelting. Pour it out for cooling, crushing and sorting.

(cheapest white fused alumina price in uk)There is a large amount of magnesium oxide in the aluminum ash in some areas, which is difficult to be treated into a white corundum material by the electrofusion process. The disadvantages are: the pretreatment process increases the production cost, and the pickling process in the pretreatment process brings environmental pollution. The fused aluminum oxide used is the aluminum ash extracted from the basic aluminum chloride.

The aluminum ash does not contain aluminum, while the aluminum ash produced from the brown fused alumina price processing usually contains a large amount of aluminum. The aluminum ash used contains more than 82% aluminum oxide, high aluminum oxide content, and no oxidation Magnesium, so the aluminum ash used in this method is not universal. By solving the above problems, our company provides a method of using aluminum ash to produce black synthetic corundum.

(cheapest white fused alumina price in uk)In this method, aluminum ash is used as the raw material to replace bauxite completely or partially to produce black corundum without any treatment. The production process of brown corundum has wide applicability and low requirements for aluminum ash raw materials. The weight percentage content of Al2O3 in the bauxite is more than 80%. The aluminium oxide blasting grit is poured out, cooled, broken, crushed and sorted.

It is found that pink corundum can be produced by EAF smelting process with aluminum ash. The specific process scheme is as follows: take aluminum ash, or aluminum ash and bauxite as raw materials, respectively 10-100% by weight, 0-90% by weight, plus 0-8% coke powder and 8-12% iron chips, mix evenly, add them into the electric arc furnace, artificial corundum melting temperature 2100-2300 ℃, melting time 45-90 minutes.(cheapest white fused alumina price in uk)

The weight percentage of the main components of the black alumina is less than 50% in Al2O3, 15-40% in Al, less than 15% in SiO2, less than 15% in MgO, less than 5% in Ti02, less than 5% in Fe2O3 and less than 10% in Na2O. In this method, bauxite is replaced in whole or in part by aluminum ash, reducing agent coke powder and precipitant iron scraps are added to smelt at high temperature in the electric arc furnace to obtain 220 grit aluminum oxide.

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