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Cheapest White Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory UK

Its processing efficiency and service life depend to a great extent on the nature of the bonding agent and the bonding strength of the ceramic corundum abrasive particles and the bonding agent. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a high-performance low-melting high-strength bonding agent and formulate suitable abrasive formulations and The firing system makes ceramic corundum abrasive tools have good grinding performance(white fused alumina).

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Compared with ordinary fused corundum abrasives, the new ceramic corundum abrasives have very good self-sharpening performance and wear resistance(silicon carbide abrasive). Holding at T temperature can inhibit the migration rate of the grain boundary, the grain size increases significantly, increase the diffusion rate of the grain boundary(black silicon carbide), and make the diffusion of the grain boundary a densification mechanism for the further sintering of the sample.

This paper systematically studied the synthesis process of ceramic corundum abrasive precursor(white aluminum oxide), analyzed the effect of MgO-CaO-SiO2 composite additive on the performance of nanocrystalline ceramic corundum abrasive, discussed the synergistic effect of composite varieties on the performance of nanocrystalline ceramic corundum abrasive(aluminum oxide abrasive), and the effect of the secondary heat treatment process on the structure and properties of ceramic corundum abrasives was studied.

The synthesis process has a great influence on the performance of the precursor and the abrasive(green silicon carbide). Using the improved sol-gel process, ceramic corundum abrasive with grain size less than 100nm can be obtained. The proportion and amount of MgO-CaO-SiO2 composite additive have a great influence on the performance of the abrasive(emery abrasive). The introduction of 2.5wt composite additive with 5MgO-CaO-5SiO2 can get excellent mechanical properties and a dense fine-grained structure.

The two-step sintering process of nanocrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives is obtained(white corundum): the activation energy of liquid phase sintering with composite additives introduced is calculated to be 195.6kJ / mol, the introduction of composite varieties has a synergistic effect of significantly reducing the a-Al2O3 phase transition temperature, reducing the grain size, and promoting sintering densification, a-Al2O3 + (NHL) sAIF(aluminum oxide grit). Ceramic corundum abrasive.

First, heat the sample to the temperature Ti (1250-1300 ℃). At T temperature, the abrasive particles must reach a higher initial density (greater than 75%), so that the sample obtains a thermodynamic driving force sufficient for grain boundary diffusion(brown fused aluminum oxide); Then the temperature is quickly reduced to T (1150 ℃) for 5 hours. The entire wear process of ceramic corundum abrasive particles is also a self-sharpening process of grinding and drawing(black aluminum oxide blast media).

The analysis found that there is a critical temperature point of 950 ℃ in the secondary heat treatment process of the abrasive(black aluminum oxide). Before the critical temperature point, the structure and performance of the abrasive sample does not change much: when the heat treatment temperature exceeds the critical point(such as the case where the abrasive is wrapped with a binder), and the structure and the abrasive Performance started to deteriorate(synthetic corundum).

The growth of the crystal grains is not only related to the temperature of the secondary heat treatment(pink aluminum oxide), and explored The effect of the two-step sintering technique on the structure and properties of ceramic corundum abrasives, indicating diffusion control For the compaction mechanism of ceramic corundum abrasives(black fused alumina), but the surface condition of the abrasive also significantly affects the secondary growth behavior of the grain.

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