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Unsaponifiable oil is separated from metal surface and dissolved in degreaser by emulsifier in alkaline degreaser(low density white alumina). On the one hand, the cost will be increased; on the other hand, too high alkalinity will cause corrosion to metals and equipment(brown fused alumina factory). After alkaline degreasing, if the cleaning is not clean, a layer of non hydrophilic silicic acid film will be formed on the metal surface during acid pickling.

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In actual production, NaOH is mainly used in alkaline degreasing fluid to provide alkaline environment(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). For metal materials that are easy to be corroded in strong alkaline environment, carbonate or phosphate are also used to provide alkaline environment, such as aluminum and alloy, zinc and alloy(white fused alumina oxide mfg). The dirt on metal surface mainly includes saponified grease, non saponified grease and other dirt attached to metal surface.

(chinese high quality alumina maker)The stability of steel parts in NaOH solution is high, so the concentration is high, and the oil removal treatment can be carried out under the concentration of less than 100gl(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). Among these metals, especially zinc, aluminum and their alloys, are more easily corroded in alkaline solution(brown fused alumina 60 grit). Na2cro3 has not been used due to price and health problems. This is a very effective method, which can be used for reference in production.

Copper and alloy parts will be corroded in free concentration NaOH solution(pink alumina), so the concentration of NaOH is required to be less than 20g / L for alkaline degreasing of such parts. However, zinc, pot, lead, aluminum and their alloys are easy to be corroded in NaOH solution, so it is generally required to use carbonate or phosphate solution instead of NaOH(brown fused alumina suppliers). However, in the degreaser, the concentration of alkali should not be too high.

Na2cro3 or Na2SiO3 are commonly used as protective inhibitors in alkaline deoiling fluids to prevent excessive corrosion on the surface of such metals(pink aluminium oxide), especially on aluminum and alloy. Na2SiO3 is widely used in alkaline deoiling treatment of various metals because of its good corrosion inhibition and excellent permeabilit(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers)y, which can make the dirt on the metal surface dissolve in the degreasing agent.(chinese high quality alumina maker)

In order to avoid over inhibiting the degreasing of metal surface by cleaning agent, it is mainly manifested in the degreasing of aluminum and alloy(black aluminum oxide media). The addition of wetting agent reduces the surface tension of the solution, makes the surface oil more easily removed, and increases the permeability of the oil remover, so that it can remove the oil in deeper pores(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). When mixing is used, the surfactant should be low foam type.

(chinese high quality alumina maker)The commonly used organic degreasing agents are benzene, petroleum solvent, etc(brown fused alumina). At the same time, the high content of Na2SiO3 in the deoiling liquid also increases the difficulty of water washing. This is because Na2SiO3 has strong adhesion on the metal surface and poor water washing property(wholesale brown fused alumina); Na2SiO3 is not soluble in acid. The higher the alkalinity in the solution, the better and faster the oil removal effect.

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