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Corundum Abrasive Wholesale Suppliers In Japan

white fused alumina uses bauxite and graphite electrodes as the main materials and uses new ultra-fine powder technology to make it. It needs to be stirred, shaped, and fired at high temperature during the production process. Does not powder. Corrosion resistance, high hardness, and some toughness. pink alumina is suitable for various refractory materials in high temperature production.

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It is widely used for polishing the surface of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit of chemical, glass, and various metal materials, and can also be used for water quality filtration. After the white corundum is polished, the surface of its abrasive tool is smooth and clean without color difference. Advantages: the operation is gradual, the black fused alumina instrument can run continuously, the price is low, the accuracy and repeatability are good, and the test range is wide.

(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers in japan)The characteristics of white aluminum oxide under high temperature: no burst, stable performance, no chalking. The summary of these characteristics was learned from the characteristics of white corundum after years of experience and experiments. White corundum is not easy to scratch the surface of the chrome corundum when it is ground, because the white corundum particles are small and dense. Does not cause discoloration of different material surfaces.

It is made by a special white fused aluminum oxide smelting process, and then processed by crushing and shaping, magnetic separation and iron removal. What about the following? A summary of several methods is introduced below: screening method. Advantages: simple, intuitive, low equipment cost, often used for pink fused alumina samples larger than 40um. Disadvantages: The results are greatly affected by human factors and screen deformation.(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers in japan)

Microscopy (image) method. Advantages: simple, intuitive, morphological analysis, suitable for buy brown fused alumina samples with narrow distribution (the ratio of maximum and minimum particle size is less than 10: 1). Disadvantages: Poor representativeness. It is troublesome to analyze samples with a wide distribution range, and it is impossible to analyze fused aluminium oxide samples smaller than 1um. Settling method (including gravity settlement and Li Xin settlement).

(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers in japan)Laser method. It is only suitable for measuring dust, pollutants or diluted drugs. Advantages: easy operation, fast test speed, wide test range, white aluminum oxide blast media good repeatability and accuracy, and can perform online measurement and dry measurement. Resistance method. Its manufacturing method is very complicated. Disadvantages: The corundum white results are greatly affected by the distribution model, the cost of the instrument is high, and the resolution is low.

Advantages: the number of brown fused aluminum oxide factory particles can be measured by operating the gradient, the equivalent concept is clear, the speed is fast, and the accuracy is good. Disadvantages: It is not suitable for measuring particle samples smaller than 0.1um, and it is more troublesome to replace the small-pore tube for black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media samples with wide particle size distribution. White corundum abrasive is an artificial abrasive.(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers in japan)

Electron microscopy. Advantages: suitable for testing super new white fused alumina oxide mfg particles and even nanoparticles, high resolution, and morphology and structure analysis. Disadvantages: few samples, poor representation, measurement is easily affected by human factors, and the instrument is expensive. Disadvantages: It is not suitable for samples with a particle size smaller than 1umde. The system is more specific. It is not used for black aluminum oxide blast media general powders.

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