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The braiding process of stainless steel braided steel brush with brush type constant volume feeder is very difficult(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). When the electrolyzer is operating with the tank cover open, the adjustable valve is opened to the maximum position, and the flue gas collection rate during operation can still be guaranteed to reach 98% by increasing the amount of smoke exhaust(aluminium oxide sand). 

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According to the alumina content in the electrolyte in the tank and the blanking needs of aluminum discharging, anode changing, bus lifting and other operations(aluminum oxide abrasive powder), the tank controller sends instructions, the solenoid valve in the pneumatic control box is powered on in sequence, and the shell breaking cylinder and blanking cylinder complete the shell breaking and blanking work at one time(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). 

Generally, the pressure loss of flue gas flow in each smoke exhaust pipe of electrolytic cell smoke exhaust system is less than 500pa, and the flow rate of flue gas is greater than 8m / s(glass bead blasting media suppliers), which can effectively prevent the dust in flue gas from settling and accumulating in the pipeline(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). Another set of aluminum tapping device composed of thick flat hammer head is set for aluminum tapping.  

How much flue gas is generated in the aluminum electrolysis process that needs to be treated by the fume exhaust device(green silicon carbide)? The amount of flue gas generated by the electrolytic cell can be considered in two parts: oxides and fluorides(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). According to this formula, it is not difficult to calculate(aluminum oxide sand): C371kg is consumed for every 1000kg Al produced, 1084kgCO2 and 171kgCO are generated.

However, in modern aluminum electrolysis industrial production, the actual net consumption of anode carbon blocks per lt aluminum production is about 430kg, which is about 16% more than the theoretical demand(aluminium oxide blast media). Substituting relevant data for the gas equation, it is not difficult to calculate that 991mCO2 and 245mC0 will be produced for every 1000kg of aluminum produced(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). 

In addition, the steel brush is transparent, which is easy to be blocked by alumina, and the manufacturing cost of constant volume feeder is also high(aluminum oxide grit blasting). The brushless constant volume feeder is designed and manufactured based on the brush constant volume feeder. It has good use effect, small maintenance and low manufacturing cost(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). The constant volume error of the two constant volume feeders is less than 1%(alumina grit).

The operating cylinder of constant volume feeder is divided into ordinary high-temperature cylinder and high-temperature cylinder with valve(aluminum oxide for sale). Using high temperature cylinder with valve can reduce compressed air pipeline, especially multi-point cross blanking, which shows its advantages(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). This is due to the carbon anode particles falling off to produce carbon slag in the electrolyte and being oxidized in the air. 

The alumina content in the electrolyte in the electrolytic cell is controlled by the cell controller with multi-mode intelligence(black silicon carbide). According to the flue gas volume, flue length and According to the calculation of piezoresistance along the way, the flue in the tank head is designed into a segmented structure, and the flue gas in the tank cover is collected in sections(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). The valve is a stop type two position five ventilation control valve.

The development and application of the air control box solves the defects of the previous valve frame(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), such as large volume, land occupation, window blocking, disordered power wiring, poor insulation, dust pollution of the solenoid valve and rapid damage of the solenoid valve(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). An exhaust flue is arranged under the horizontal cover plate, and an exhaust outlet is arranged on the side and end face of the exhaust duct(aluminum oxide blasting grit).

The steel brush rubs against the cylinder wall, and the replacement rate of steel brush is large(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). In order to improve the flue gas capture efficiency, high temperature resistant phenolic cloth is used to seal between the horizontal cover plate and the anode aluminum guide rod(80 grit aluminum oxide). The pneumatic control box for shell breaking and blanking of electrolytic cell is assembled in a closed iron box by the combination of solenoid valves.

The horizontal cover plate and the side cover plate around the cell form an umbrella shaped smoke collecting cover(aluminum oxide abrasive media), so that the open surface of the upper part of the electrolytic cell forms a sealing space(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). The box is equipped with wiring terminals, the lower part of the iron box is equipped with inlet rubber pipe connectors, and the upper part is equipped with outlet rubber pipe connectors with different pipe diameters(alumina abrasive).

The flue gas generated by the electrolytic cell is collected by the gas collecting hood through the exhaust flue and then enters the smoke pipe on the cell, and then enters the main smoke pipe outside the wall and sent to the purification system. The whole device can ensure that the flue gas capture rate is more than 98%(garnet sand). The amount of CF and HF produced in the process of cryolite alumina molten salt electrolysis(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria).

It is required that if this part of the charcoal that is consumed more is also approximately regarded as CO2 and CO according to the above ratio(corundum sand), then every 1000kg of Al produced will produce 1257kg of CO2 and 198kg of CO(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). Generally, when the anode effect is approaching, the CF content only accounts for 1.5%~2% of the anode gas, while the anode effect is as high as 20%-40%(100 grit aluminum oxide). Gas collection and smoke exhaust device. 

The pre-cultivation tank gas collection and smoke exhaust system consists of a smoke exhaust pipe, a horizontal cover plate, and a side aluminum alloy cover plate(alumina sand). The length of the large-scale pre-cultivation tank of 200kA and above is greater than l1m. In order to make the negative pressure in the tank cover uniform, the aluminum outlet end of the tank does not escape the flue gas, and the gas collection efficiency is improved.

In modern pre-cultivation cell smelting, the anode effect coefficient is below 0.1 times/(cell·d)(steel grid). In order to ensure that a large amount of flue gas will not escape when the anode is changed and the aluminum outlet is opened, a control valve with adjustable flue gas flow is installed on the upper part of the smoke pipe(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). The air control box is dust-proof, antimagnetic, small, well insulated and convenient for power wiring(70 grit aluminum oxide).

Although the CF produced is still a threat to the environment, it can be ignored because the volume is still very small in calculation(120 grit aluminum oxide). Only the amount of HF produced is calculated. HF is the main gaseous pollutant, and its generation mechanism is due to the decomposition reaction of fluoride salt by the moisture in the raw material at high temperature(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). CF is produced when the anode effect is approaching and during the effect.

Alumina is preheated on the material surface(180 grit aluminum oxide), and when it enters the electrolyte, it still contains 0.2%-0.5% of H20, taking into account the water brought in by the chloride salt itself and the anode, and the total amount is 0.5% of the alumina, and every 1000kg of aluminum produced The required alumina is approximately based on 2000kg(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit), so the total amount of influent water for every 1000kg aluminum strip produced is 10kg(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria).

After long-term testing and analysis, it is found that for every 1000kg of aluminum produced by the pre-cultured aluminum smelting, the amount of HF generated increases with the increase of the current intensity of the cell(aluminium oxide blasting). This is because HF is absorbed in the purification system and returns to the electrolytic cell with the fluorine-containing alumina(corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers nigeria). Continuously circulate and accumulate throughout the production process.

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