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Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers South Korea

Zirconium corundum was produced in 1963, and three types of zirconium corundum with different ZrO2 content were produced in 1970. The brown fused alumina billet grinding of the steel industry gradually developed using high-speed and high-load resin abrasive tools. In 1976, zirconium corundum was used to make 80 m / s.

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Resin mill billet grinding wheel with a load of 500 kg. In the 1970s, the production ratio of brown aluminum oxide and resin abrasives reached 1: 1. In the 1970s, the Soviet Union developed titanium corundum, and China produced praseodymium-corundum. In the early 1980s, the maximum speed of ceramic abrasives was 125 m / s and was used for Bearing industry. Chrome corundum and sintered corundum appeared in 1962.(fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)

The development of brown aluminium oxide tools has led to the rapid development of a series of grinding processes, and the wide application of grinding processes in various industrial fields has in turn promoted the continuous expansion and improvement of the variety and quality of abrasive tools. At this time, ceramic abrasives occupy the main position in the production of abrasives. At the end of the 1970s, China already has a complete production system for white fused aluminium oxide tools.

(fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)The 1950s were the fastest-growing and relatively complete era of arc fused alumina abrasive tools and grinding processes. Grinders accounted for about 20% of metal cutting machine tools, the United States accounted for about 38% in the 1960s, and the Soviet Union accounted for about 25%. During the 1950s, grinding machines still accounted for about 25-35% of metal cutting machine tools, and during the period, a large number of pink fused alumina coated abrasive tools-abrasive belts, grinding discs, grinding rings, etc. were developed.

By the early 1980s, every three in the United States averaged The grinder has a belt grinder or belt polisher. There was only a fused alumina grinding wheel production workshop left by Sujiatun in the northeast of Japan. After the founding of New China, the abrasive tools developed with the rapid development of China's industry. First, the first fused aluminium oxide grinding wheel factory was expanded on the old grinding wheel factory in Sujiatun, Northeast China.(fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)

white fused alumina price and silicon carbide were independently developed and produced. In the future, with the help of Soviet experts, ceramic abrasive tools were changed from water casting to semi-dry press molding, which greatly improved production efficiency. In 1953, China set up a comprehensive abrasive and aluminium oxide grit suppliers abrasive tool enterprise. Complete equipment and technology were provided by the German Democratic Republic.

The site broke ground in Zhengzhou in 1956 and was completed in 1964. It is the largest black aluminum oxide media grinding wheel factory in China and was named the second grinding wheel factory. It produces brown corundum, white corundum, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, ceramic abrasives, resin abrasives, rubber abrasives, coated abrasives, abrasive pastes, and artificial diamonds and their white aluminum oxide blast media products that were later constructed and produced on their own.

(fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)During the first five-year plan period, the fourth pink aluminium oxide grinding wheel factory was also built in Shandong. Later, the third grinding wheel factory, the seventh grinding wheel factory, and the specialized plant for artificial diamond and its products, the sixth grinding wheel factory, were established in Guizhou, 1958. The center laboratory of the second aluminium oxide blasting grinding wheel factory was changed to the Abrasives and Grinding Research Institute of the Ministry of the First Machinery Industry.

Before the liberation of our country, there was no white aluminum oxide abrasive and abrasive tool industry. At the same time, the Ministry of the First Machinery Industry established the Zhengzhou Mechanical Academy Abrasives Class to train secondary technical personnel. Except for Tibet, all provinces have provincial, city and county-level abrasive or 180 grit aluminum oxide tool factories, and the total national output of abrasive tools is around 65,000 tons.(fine grit aluminum oxide manufacturers south korea)

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