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Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In China

There are many factors that affect the machinability of green silicon carbide workpiece materials. When the workpiece material is hard, it has good polishing property but poor cutting performance, and the grinding efficiency is low. Generally, the hard cast iron grinding tool and corresponding synthetic corundum price are used. When the workpiece material is soft, the cutting performance is better, and the grinding efficiency is higher.

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In order to avoid the brown fused alumina particles embedded in the workpiece surface during grinding, generally select the material with lower hardness than the workpiece to make the grinding tool, or use the embedded grinding. In order to improve the grinding efficiency, parts need to be pre processed before grinding. The alumina grit practice shows that the precision of pre-processing directly affects the precision of grinding.(fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

All carbon tool steels and medium carbon low alloy steels are suitable for black silicon carbide grinding after being hardened, and the surface of low carbon steels is suitable for grinding after being carburized and hardened; the alloy tool steels with oil quenching have good toughness and high grinding resistance; the grinding efficiency of nitriding steel is low, but good surface roughness can be obtained; generally, the hard alloy cannot be grinded with ordinary corundum abrasive.

(fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)Commonly boron carbide is used as coarse grinding, and the brown aluminum oxide is used as grinding paste for fine grinding Grinding, so the grinding efficiency is low. The speed of the stick should not be too high. High rotation speed not only increases the power consumption, but also accelerates the wear of roller shell, increases the amount of micro powder. When alumina abrasive is broken, the rotation speed of the stick should be 2-2.5m/s.

Therefore, the aluminum oxide abrasive parts must achieve good dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy and surface roughness in the pre-processing. The pre machining before grinding shall meet the following requirements: the grinding allowance shall be as small as possible; the geometric accuracy shall basically meet the final accuracy requirements of the parts; the 100 grit aluminum oxide white mechanical and electrical drive device can be driven by wire rope or rack mechanism.(fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

The white corundum surface roughness is not more than ra1.b5m, and there is no obvious cutting trace, burn, craze and other defects. Generally, the pre-processing of hardened steel and carburized steel parts usually adopts the fine grinding process to obtain better dimensional and shape accuracy and reduce the grinding allowance. The pre-processing of soft metal parts and 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media workpieces that are not suitable for grinding can adopt such processes as finishing turning and milling.

(fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)According to the form of driving device, the current electrode lifting mechanism can be divided into aluminum oxide grit hydraulic type and electromechanical type. When determining the grinding allowance of parts, in addition to the precision achieved by pre machining, the factors such as material, size, grinding method and brown fused alumina manufacturer final precision requirements of parts should also be considered. The electrode collet and the hanging device complete the electrode lifting under the cooperation of the electrode lifting device.

The electrode lifting machine shall meet the following silicon carbide abrasive requirements: simple and reliable mechanism, convenient operation and maintenance; flexible lifting, small system inertia, fast starting or braking; slow and stable operation. The so-called impurities mainly refer to the oxides of iron, aluminum, calcium and magnesium. A small amount of 150 grit aluminum oxide can also promote the product, which is not expected for abrasive use.(fine grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

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