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Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price

It is used to make resin grinding tools such as resin grinding wheel, resin cutting piece, resin grinding piece and ultra-thin piece, and has become the main application field of products. Many international and domestic well-known resin abrasive companies are using 30% - 50% of black corundum and brown corundum to make resin abrasive. Compared with traditional resin abrasive, the resin abrasive made of this composite abrasive has significantly improved sharpness, higher incision or grinding finish, and small color change.

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For example, because of the low cost, resin abrasives made of composite brown fused alumina Abrasives have high cost performance. In recent years, some factories of international famous Abrasives group have been making coated abrasives with black corundum abrasives. After tens of thousands of tests, it is found that the abrasive belt made of black corundum and black silicon carbide composite abrasive has better grinding ability than other materials, and now it is in the stage of gradual use in China.

In the past ten years, the polishing parts have good consistency and high machining efficiency. The application of brown aluminum oxide products in the field of resin abrasives and coated abrasives is to replace some other abrasives, and some abrasives made by replacing other abrasives have better performance in some materials, some materials have the same performance as other high-cost abrasives, but they will reduce the production cost of aluminum oxide grit abrasives, greatly improve the cost performance ratio, and have a good development prospect.

In the aspect of stainless steel polishing, the properties of white corundum make the application field expand continuously. The jeans are sand blasted and worn. The shoemaking industry is used for the wear-resistant and antiskid materials added on the outside of the heel of the sole, and for the fire-resistant and heat insulation of the middle and low temperature parts. With more people's further understanding of the properties of white aluminum oxide abrasive, the application fields of green environmental protection, recycling and low-cost products will continue to expand.

F14-f80 black corundum particle size sand and silicon carbide abrasive composite, using black corundum abrasive Abrasives for surface polishing processing pressure is small, avoiding leaving very fine lines on the surface of steel plate, mainly the gray black crystal with α - Al2O3 and ferrispinel as the main ore phase, which is characterized by low Al2O3 content and a certain amount of Fe2O3 (about 10%), so it has moderate hard bottom, high toughness, high temperature resistance. The pink alumina characteristics of temperature setting of hot performance.

In the 1970s, the green silicon carbide polishing stainless steel has its unique advantages. There are various kinds of wear-resistant materials, wide use, cost advantages, and the workpiece will not burn. However, the application and development of stainless steel largely depends on its surface treatment technology development level. Now, the European countries, Hong Kong region, domestic economic developed regions, etc. white fused aluminium oxide have regular use, with excellent appearance effect It is characterized by moderate Al2O3 content.

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