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First Grade Al2O3 and Second Grade Al2O3

Everyone will do it when the workers go to the site and the technical management staff(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Therefore, the voltage drop across the anode lead rods at equal distances is measured(carborundum powder suppliers). Since the cross-sectional area of the anode aluminum guide rod is equal, the resistance value on the equidistant bar is also basically the same(alumina company). If it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

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One point measurement is carried out at the aluminum outlet (aluminum measuring point shown in the figure) or at the replacement position when the anode is replaced(aluminum oxide 500 grit). Therefore, the measurement times are frequent. Generally, it is measured at least once per tank every day and once per shift in many factories(pink fused aluminum oxide). After all the measurement work is over, pack up the tools and put them in the designated place(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3).

Three point measurement takes three measuring points (i.e. 1 / 4, / 2 and 4 of the total length of the large surface) on side a (power inlet) as shown in the figure(aluminum oxide 320 grit), and six point measurement generally takes three measuring points on the two large surfaces a and B as shown in the figure(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Submit the measurement records to relevant personnel and input them into the computer system according to the procedures.

Confirm the furnace number to be measured(aluminum oxide 20 grit), prepare and check the measuring tools (voltmeter, measurement definition, record book). Read and record on the boundary line of lead water electrolyte (which can be observed with the naked eye) and the general line with the scale in lem(steel grid). The measuring point of the large surface is located at the gap between the anodes (close to the operating surface)(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3).

Try to measure at fixed points to avoid the influence of temperature difference at different measuring points on the judgment of temperature change trend(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). For the research of Electrolytic detection temperature field, multi-point continent must be selected, which shall be carried out according to the specific requirements, but the new pole replaced within two days shall be avoided(glass bead blasting media suppliers).

After all the measurements are completed(600 grit aluminum oxide powder), return the tools to the original place, shovel the carbon residue into the carbon residue box, block the measurement hole with a crusted block (there is no need to block the measurement at the lead outlet), clean the scanning edge plate, cover the furnace cover, and reset the exhaust air volume conversion valve(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Calculate the average (or weighted average) of the measured data(aluminum oxide 40/60 grit).

In particular, electrolyte temperature is one of the main process parameters that reflect the operation state of the electrolytic cell and affect the technical and economic indicators of the electrolytic cell (especially current efficiency)(garnet suppliers). In the case that the new pole cannot be measured, the place of multi-point measurement can be changed(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Take out the thermocouple and cover the aluminum relay branch.

Large aluminum electrolysis enterprises try to establish an integrated management and control system(aluminum oxide anti-slip grit), emphasize that production managers use complete data detection and computer information to analyze and make decisions in the production process, and put forward higher requirements for the standardization(aluminum oxide crystals), reliability and accuracy of manual routine detection and computer input of data(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3).

Electrolyte height = total lead water height(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Inquire the computer room about the occurrence time of the rigid pole effect of the measured tank (record the effect occurred within three hours before the measurement)(black silicon carbide). After the hole of the crown block is pierced, the electrolytic worker shall clean the hole with a drill to ensure that the measuring needle is smoothly inserted into the furnace bottom.

Remove the alumina at the measuring position with an aluminum handle (multi-point measurement)(400 grit aluminum oxide powder), open a hole with a diameter of 10-20cm between the pole and the anode with a crown block striking head (multi-point measurement), and pay attention not to touch the anode to prevent damaging the anode(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). For general technical understanding and mastery, measurement is usually done at the aluminum outlet.

Therefore, managers must accurately grasp the changes of electrolyte temperature(brown fused alumina mesh size F4). Prepare and check the measurement tools (thermocouple, hand-held thermocouple holder, digital thermometer, record table) entry and measurement point selection(240 grit aluminum oxide powder). The angle is 30-60°(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Turn on the switch of the digital thermometer and record the temperature after the display of the digital thermometer is stable.

Hold the hand-held thermoelectric supply, insert the thermocouple from the aluminum tapping hole, and visually observe the depth of insertion of the thermoelectric supply, about 15cm(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). When the measurement temperature is below 900°C or above 1000°C, or the display of the digital thermometer is unstable and has large swings, take out the thermocouple(green silicon carbide). Operate the cylinder control lever to open the Jin test. 

Circumstances in which the measurement must be terminated(aluminum oxide polishing grit). When the following situations occur: such as current drop, power outage, or anode effect during the measurement, or entering the pole change, or performing aluminum extraction, the measurement must be terminated(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Circumstances where the measured value is abnormal(aluminum oxide blast media 36 grit). Measure the slag washing at the opening with carbon flow (fishing). 

For example, a three-point measurement is carried out every 5 days for each tank phase device, and each plant works according to the number of tanks and the number of tanks measured in each shift is calculated according to the number of tanks per day(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit). In the production process of pre-cultivation and electrolysis, the measurement of anode current distribution is the most frequently performed(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3).

The main measuring tools are voltmeter and equidistant pressure drop measuring rod (or called measuring fork)(aluminum oxide 16 grit). Therefore, the measurement of anode current distribution is available every day and the shift is required(aluminium oxide powder price). On the two measuring rods, pass through the measuring rods to connect with the voltmeter(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Remove any one of the aluminum outlet pouring cover plates with a width of 0cm.

Record the measured value and the measured slot number, time, slot voltage, time after effect, etc. together(high purity alumina price). Submit the measurement records to the relevant personnel and enter them into the computer system according to the regulations. When the current passes through the anode lead rod, a voltage drop is generated(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). The measurement and the measurement method are shown in the figure.

The voltmeter uses an ordinary voltmeter with a range of 2SmV and 50mV (called a millivoltmeter on site). In order to shield the influence of the magnetic field, the voltmeter is usually installed in an iron box with a rectangular hole on the front to observe the readings(black corundum price). By measuring the voltage drop at the same distance, the current passing through the lead rod is reflected, without digital conversion(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3).

The measuring rod is fixed in the center of the insulating plate with a medium drawing, and the metal measuring rod is fixed at both ends of the insulating plate to form a rectangular shape (used to hold the anode guide rod), and the two wires are connected respectively(aluminum oxide 24 grit). Uncover the cover plates corresponding to the tested anodes on both sides of A and B(first grade al2o3 and second grade al2o3). Check whether the thermocouple is damaged(aluminum oxide 1000 grit).

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