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Fused Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers South Korea

There are two decarburization methods: one is blowing oxygen; the other is adding iron scale or high-purity Si02. On the basis of fused white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit, about 2%-10% primary chemical chromium oxide was added to the mixture. After electrofusion of chromium oxide and alumina, the solid melt can be formed, and the crystal structure, strength, toughness and fire resistance of fused white corundum can be improved.

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The surface and interior of the electric melting brick are dark green. Classification standard of fused chrome corundum: purple, purple brown, with a large number of non corundum crystals; grade: red, purple red, crystal in good condition; grade I spent material: particle size less than 30mm, black spent material less than 1%; grade II spent material: white fused aluminum oxide particle size less than 5mm; grade III spent material: particle size less than 50mm, greater than 90%, 50-70mm, less than 10%.

(fused aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)The brown fused alumina factory material of fused zirconia corundum is the same as that of fused chromium corundum, and the ingredients are adjusted according to the needs of users. The production process of praseodymium neodymium corundum is the same as that of buy brown fused alumina. Praseodymium and neodymium concentrates should be introduced into the ingredients. The main components are: Pr6O11 is 21% - 23%, Nd2O3 is 65% - 70%, La2O3 is 3% - 9%, Sm2O3 is about 5%.

Generally, the white aluminum oxide addition amount is equivalent to 30.175% Nd2O3. It is equivalent to adding 2.5% ~ 2.7% praseodymium and neodymium. Praseodymium neodymium corundum is white or grayish white after electrofusion, with good crystallization, which can be carried out according to the selection standard of white aluminum oxide blast media. The fused chrome zirconium corundum brick (azcs brick, er2161 in France) was produced by non shrinkage casting method.(fused aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)

As Al2O3 · Cr2O3 (56%, the rest are zircon phase and glass phase) is formed, the viscosity of glass phase is increased and the corundum white resistance to glass erosion is greatly improved. It is 3.4 times of erl681 and 2.6 times of erl711. However, Cr2O3 can stain the glass liquid and cannot be used for colorless and transparent glass. At the same time, its foaming index is not ideal, brown fused aluminum oxide factory large crystal: so it is an ideal material for the upper structure of tank kiln.

(fused aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)Azcs electric melting brick with Cr2O3 can be used to build the wall of the white fused alumina furnace to improve the corrosion resistance. This kind of brick contains about 20% Cr2O3. The main crystal phase is still (c + Z) eutectic, but the corundum based crystal is (al2 xcrx) O3, and the white aluminium oxide manufacturer primary phase is (al2 xcrx) O3. It was found that a considerable amount of Cr2O3 was dissolved in the glass phase, and the chromium ion forming the glass structure was identified as CR2 +.

The refining period is for decarburization. That is to say, Cr3 + is reduced to CR2 + in the melt. This is due to the fact that the white fused alumina oxide mfg melt is in a relative reducing atmosphere (it is found that there are some residual phases). At present, the application of fused chrome corundum brick has a wider range of applications, mainly used in carbon black furnace, steel rolling furnace slideway, tapping platform. The white aluminum oxide 220 grit chemical composition of the glass phase was determined by microanalysis.(fused aluminium oxide manufacturers south korea)

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