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In aluminium oxide 36 grit abrasive processing, the yield and the commonly used particle size ratio are important indicators. To improve the yield, it is necessary to separate the aluminium oxide blasting from the ferroalloy during smelting, reduce the magnetic abrasive selected during magnetic separation, and reduce excessive crushing during crushing.

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To improve the commonly used corundum sand particle size ratio of the output abrasive, under the premise of using the control screen correctly, reducer screens should be applied; additional screen screens should be added; the screening process should be changed; and the pink aluminium oxide particle size composition conditions should be used. The reducer screen is installed on a screen frame with two or three types of screens to form a layer of screen.(fused aluminum oxide manufacturers poland)

The screen diameter at the feed end is smaller. If 600 ~ 710um (30 = ~ 24 *) reducer screen is used instead of 600um (30) screen, the output rate of white fused alumina F30 abrasive can be increased. Reducing screens can be used in each screen section. The additional sieve sequence screen refers to the sieve number of the sieve sequence other than the aluminium oxide sandblasting sieve sequence specified by the national standard, such as a 275um sieve.

(fused aluminum oxide manufacturers poland)If you want to produce more aluminum oxide sandblasting media F80 size abrasives, you can change the semi-colon screening of F60 ~ F100 (as shown in Figure 1-50) (see Figure 1-51). In the modified sieving process, F80 particle size abrasive can be obtained twice, and a 180-212um (80 * ~ 70 *) reducer screen is used instead of the original 180um (80 =) screen, so the high purity fused aluminum oxide F80 size abrasive can be made The rate of increase.

Now fully use this condition to make the coarse grain groups reach the allowable limit. Adjusting the white aluminum oxide particle size ratio with an additional sieve screen. For example, when F70 abrasive fine sieving, using a 275um sieve instead of 250 μm can increase the F70 particle size abrasive output. The principle is that the aluminium oxide blasting grit particle size composition standard allows a certain number of coarse-grained and fine-grained groups. 

The use of black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit particle size composition refers to the national standard stipulating that F4 ~ F120 abrasives are allowed to contain coarse grain groups of 20% to 30%. Sieve pine can be used with brush-type sieve, small shaker screen and circular vibrating screen. The aluminum oxide for sand blaster screen is generally 80 *, 120 ". If the cake is hard, it can be crushed by a crusher before the screen is loosened.

(fused aluminum oxide manufacturers poland)The whirlpool method is to make the slurry rotate at high speed in the container, and the white corundum particles of different sizes have different centrifugal sinking forces. Coarse particles have a large sinking force and sink to the bottom of the conical tube; fine particles have a small sinking force and overflow from the overflow port with water to achieve the purpose of fused aluminum oxide classification, the effect is obvious. 

When drying, pay attention to prevent each black synthetic corundum size from mixing with each other.After the finely divided hydraulic powder is precipitated, the upper layer of clear water is removed by a valve or a cylinder suction tube, and the materials are packed in a container such as an aluminium oxide abrasive grit or a porcelain pond and sent to a drying room (box) for drying. The drying temperature is 80 ~ 250 ℃.(fused aluminum oxide manufacturers poland)

 If it is the upper and lower layers, it should be loaded in the order of upper, lower, and coarse, black aluminum oxide blast media with the upper layer first and the lower layer first; the lower layer first and then the upper layer. The finished container should be dedicated to a single specification. After drying, the fine powder usually has agglomeration and needs to be loosened by sieving. Changing the black alumina screening process can also effectively adjust the output granularity ratio.

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