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Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers UK

But the construction cost is high, the investment is large, and the aluminium oxide sandblasting construction time is long. The thermal system should not be changed frequently. The intermittent production of the inverted flame kiln has the advantages of aluminum oxide for sand blaster simple structure, less construction investment and short construction time. From its section, the tunnel kiln is similar to the tunnel where the train passes through the cave.

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It can adjust the firing specifications at any time according to the high purity fused aluminum oxide requirements, which is most suitable for the products with complex baking specifications, special requirements and small production volume. Its disadvantages are long production cycle, waste of fuel, large dust, poor working conditions, high labor intensity, etc. When the aluminium oxide abrasive grit are cooled, the airflow flows from the bottom to the top and is discharged through the top hole of the kiln.

(fused aluminum oxide manufacturers uk)Tunnel kiln continuous production, short firing cycle, less fuel consumption, energy saving, stable brown fused alumina product quality and can improve labor intensity, reduce physical labor. The kiln car filled with products is slowly moving on the track. The kiln cars are connected with each other and driven by the pusher. The black alumina direction of the kiln car is opposite to the air flow direction in the kiln. The tunnel kiln is divided into three parts: pre tropical zone, firing zone and cooling zone.

The dried blank enters into the preheating zone first, and black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit receives the heat from the flue gas in the preheating zone for preheating, and then enters the firing zone for firing. The fired product enters the cooling zone, and the product transfers the heat to the cold air sent by the kiln tail for cooling itself. At the same time, aluminium oxide blasting high production efficiency, the air heated by the product is extracted for drying the blank and heating the combustion supporting air.

(fused aluminum oxide manufacturers uk)Both ends of the brown aluminum oxide burning belt are provided with burners and combustion chambers, and fuel and combustion supporting air are mixed and burned through burners. The flue gas is discharged out of the room through the flue gas outlet, branch flue, general flue, smoke extractor and chimney set on both sides of the pre tropical zone. The tunnel kiln is equipped with fused aluminum oxide smoke exhaust system, air supply system and hot air circulation system.

Its purpose is: to make the gas flow in the volume, accelerate the heat exchange between the flue gas and the black synthetic corundum product; the gas can flow in the specified direction, so that the kiln has the required pressure system and atmosphere. When the tunnel kiln is loaded, it should follow the principle of "dense up and sparse down" and ensure that there is a gap between each part. The temperature of the reverse kiln is uniform on the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive horizontal section.

(fused aluminum oxide manufacturers uk)The kiln structure must meet the requirements of brown aluminium oxide firing process, including temperature curve, pressure curve, atmosphere requirements, loading method and loading density. They are formulated according to the physical and chemical changes, stress conditions and thermomechanical properties of the aluminium oxide blasting grit grinding tools during baking. The kiln structure must meet the technological requirements to produce high quality products.

In this way, the temperature difference caused by the rising of hot gas in the kiln can be avoided to make the pink aluminium oxide temperature in the kiln uniform and the gas flow smooth. In the inverted flame kiln, the flue gas is sprayed from the nozzle to the top of the kiln, then flows downward to transmit the heat to the abrasive products, then flows to the branch flue and main flue through the fire suction hole at the bottom of the kiln, and finally is discharged by the artificial corundum smoke meat.(fused aluminum oxide manufacturers uk)

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