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Therefore, ferrosilicon is added to molten iron containing supersaturated oxygen, and silicon is dissolved and oxidized with molten iron to form SiO2 crystals(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). There is a good matching relationship between silica crystals and graphite lattice base(aluminum oxide blasting grit). These fine crystals can eventually become graphite nucleation matrix. It is conditional for silica to become an effective nucleation matrix.

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This surface exists when ferrosilicon is added to molten iron for a short time(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). However, after a certain time, the surface of silica particles may interact with iron or manganese oxides to form 2FeO · Si02 (or 2mno · Si02) fusion layer, which reduces or even loses its effectiveness as heterogeneous nucleation matrix. The effect of sulfur on the microstructure of cast iron is twofold(pink corundum). Although the hot metal is oxygen supersaturated, the test did not achieve the expected effect. 

Many facts have shown that sulfur plays an important role in the nucleation of graphite(glass bead blasting media suppliers). This silica particle cannot be an effective nucleation matrix(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). The inoculation of carbides and the theoretical explanation of inoculation decay are worthy of attention. However, even if the concentration of dissolved oxygen is sufficient, the silica particles formed below the FeO formation temperature generally cannot become the graphite nucleation matrix(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). 

During eutectic solidification, sulfur atoms are biased in the liquid phase and enriched on the surface of growing eutectic clusters, blocking the solid-liquid interface channel through which atoms diffuse, limiting the growth of eutectic clusters, supercooling molten iron to a lower temperature, resulting in the emergence of D-type graphite(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia); Some people have tried to add solid silica particles into molten iron in the hope that it can play an inoculation role(alumina grit).

Experiments show that the effectiveness of using silica as nucleation matrix also depends on whether the silicon content and dissolved oxygen concentration in molten iron are high enough(brown aluminium oxide). The process of silica becoming nucleation matrix is essentially the process of deoxidation with silicon(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). The more deoxidation, the more effective graphite nucleation matrix and graphite core may be produced, and the stronger the role of promoting graphitization.

The reason for the above data is that the added silica particles have been polluted before entering the molten iron, the particle surface is covered by pollutants and the crystalline surface of SiO2 is lost, and the carbon atoms cannot grow epitaxially on this surface(green silicon carbide). However, due to the decomposition of silica, the effect of promoting graphitization decreases with the increase of incubation time(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). Oxygen returns to molten iron.

Then this is because FeO and molten iron can not be fully separated at low temperature, so that the surface of silica particles is covered by FeO melt, thus losing the characteristic of becoming graphite crystal core(aluminium oxide blast media). It is also believed that the nucleation of carbon atoms on graphite particles is much easier than that on other substances, because they have the same atomic size and do not have the problem of too high mismatch(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia).

At the same time, it can dissolve into cementite, replace the position of carbon atoms, stabilize cementite, and even precipitate cementite to promote the formation of white mouth(corundum sand). At this time, the oxygen begins to increase the eutectic undercooling. Two groups of gray cast iron samples were melted and cast at different melting temperatures(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). The solidified cast iron does not have A-type graphite, but D-type graphite, and even cementite. 

At this temperature, molten iron is rich in dissolved oxygen, but oxygen does not react with silicon in molten iron(black silicon carbide). For the same reason, it is not advisable to add FeO into molten iron to increase the dissolved oxygen in molten iron. Using ferrosilicon with high silicon content (E (SI) = 90% ferrosilicon or n (SI) = 75% ferrosilicon) and adding molten iron as close as possible to the beginning of pouring can produce good inoculation effect(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). 

However, when the temperature of molten iron decreases, the silicon in molten iron reacts with dissolved oxygen to produce a large amount of silica(aluminum oxide grit blasting). The basis of the nucleation theory of graphite particles is to confirm that there are a large number of ultra micro graphite particles or carbon atom groups in molten iron(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Melt at 1500 ℃ and keep it in the furnace for 20min, the other group melt at 1400 ℃ and keep it in the furnace for 5min(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). 

Both samples are quenched at 20-30 ℃ lower than the eutectic temperature for testing(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). It is found that the content of combined carbon (carbon in cementite) in the former group is significantly lower than that in the latter, and there are fine flake graphite, while the latter has coarser stone tools(white aluminium oxide). According to the viewpoint of silicon dioxide nucleation, the inoculation method of cast iron without inoculant has been developed abroad.

Cupola molten iron or induction furnace molten iron continuously stirred by electromagnetic force contain more dissolved oxygen(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). The tester believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that the existing graphite particles in molten iron do not dissolve into molten iron at 1400 ℃, and these graphite particles become the graphite crystal core during solidification, resulting in the coarseness of the generated graphite(steel grid).

This is because the silicon rich micro region formed by high silicon iron in molten iron has high silicon concentration and long retention time, which are conducive to the stable formation of silica and sufficient time to complete the nucleation process(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). These silica are clean and relatively stable in a short time, and can form graphite core matrix(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). The important condition is that the silica crystal must be pure and have a pure silica crystalline surface. 

The existence of ultrafine graphite particles or carbon atom groups in liquid cast iron has been discussed earlier(garnet sand wholesale suppliers malaysia). Thus, the tester can explain that graphite particles should exist before solidification of liquid cast iron. Superheat the molten iron to a temperature higher than the Si-C equilibrium temperature and keep it warm(black corundum). It is believed that there are carbon particles or carbon atom groups in liquid cast iron. 

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