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The quality of silicon carbide abrasive is related to the production method. The purity of alumina produced by Bayer is higher than that of sintering. China's alumina quality standards are listed in the table. The physical properties of oxidation pots have been widely valued since the mid-1970s, good 60 grit aluminum oxide product quality, and their requirements have become more stringent. 

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By the mid-1970s, electrolytic aluminum smelting had adopted large intermediate blanking premelting tanks and dry flue gas purification technology, brown fused alumina price and had been popularized and applied. Europe uses gibbsite as raw material to dissolve in high concentration alkali solution to produce flour-like oxidation faults. Bayer classification: Due to the different types of black silicon carbide bauxite, two different Bayer methods have been formed in the world.

This electrolytic cell has a current efficiency quotient, low power consumption, but it has strict requirements on the physical properties of white alumina. The characteristics of the Bayer method are: suitable for high A / S ore, A / S> 9; simple process, low energy consumption, low cost; high purity. Before the early 1970s, countries in the Americas used gibbsite as a raw material to dissolve a low-concentration alkali solution to produce sandy high purity fused aluminum oxide.

To meet the requirements of electrolysis for black corundum, today's European Bayer process has produced sandy alumina under the decomposition conditions of high temperature and high alkali concentration dissolution, low temperature, high solid content, and high yield. The main requirements for the physical properties of countermeasures are: coarse and uniform particle size, high strength, aluminum oxide for sand blaster and large specific surface area.

In addition, there are certain requirements for repose angle, bulk density and fluidity. Sandy brown fused alumina satisfies these physical properties. The physical properties of different types of alumina are given. Therefore, starting in the mid-1970s, some factories producing flour-like alumina also changed to sand-like alumina. The aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive produced in China has a particle size boundary between flour and sand, which is called intermediate alumina.

Since the 1980s, light environmental pollution and brown aluminum oxide high productivity, China has conducted a lot of research on the production process of sandy alumina, which has laid a foundation for the development of sandy alumina production technology in China. The pure sodium aluminate solution is separated into aluminum hydroxide, separated from the mother liquor, washed, and then roasted to obtain an aluminum oxide 40 grit product, so it is called red mud. 

The brown aluminium oxide method produces alumina by treating an aluminum ore with an alkali (NaOH or Na2CO3), so that the alumina in the ore is converted into a sodium aluminate solution. Impurities such as iron and titanium in the ore and most of the silicon become insoluble compounds. The insoluble residue (red because it contains iron oxide is red) is separated from the pink corundum solution. Or comprehensive utilization to recover useful components.

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