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When lime is added, the ratio of hydrated garnet to hydrated sodium aluminosilicate in red mud and the saturation degree of SiO2 in hydrated garnet are related to the actual production conditions(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). Adding Ca and controlling appropriate reaction conditions can also generate hydrated garnets containing high iron and silicon, thereby further reducing the alkali consumption(60 grit aluminum oxide). 

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Therefore, the concentration of sodium phosphite in the aluminate solution is lower than the concentration of sulfur in other forms(white alumina). Oxygenation / Aluminium / Production / Production / Process / Technology In the Na2O-CaO-Fe2O3-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system, there is a possibility of Fe + substitution A13 + and SiO substitution (OH) for isomorphous substitution(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). Pyrite and pyrrhotite are more easily decomposed.

The hydrated garnet generated in this system can be expressed by the following formula: 3Ca0 (Al-Fe1-r) 2Oa · kSiO2 · (6--2k) H2O(black corundum). The iron-aluminum ratio x of the iron-aluminum hydrated garnet formed is mainly It depends on the caustic ratio of sodium aluminate solution and the reaction temperature, and the k value of silicon substitution is related to the Fe + -Al + substitution amount(high purity fused aluminum oxide). 

In sodium aluminate solution with low caustic ratio, the amount of iron can be increased by increasing the temperature(pink corundum). When bauxite is dissolved at a low temperature of 100 ~ 140 ° C, iron-free calcium-aluminum hydrated garnet is formed after adding CaO. Generally, the saturation of SiO2 is less than 0.5(aluminum oxide 40 grit). According to the activation theory, the role of lime is to activate the diaspore, which is beneficial to the reaction with alkali.

During the dissolution process of the European type Bayer process(brown fused alumina), the saturation of SiO2 in the generated hydrated garnet is 0.5 to 0.8, and the amount of iron input is also small. When Ca is added to dissolve goethite-type bauxite, part of the iron in the iron mineral enters the hydrated garnet lattice during the conversion of goethite to hematite(silicon carbide abrasive). From the previous research results, the activation theory is difficult to establish.

Only a few percent of aluminum is replaced by iron(brown aluminum oxide). Research shows that increasing the caustic ratio of sodium aluminate solution and the concentration of caustic soda and the dissolution temperature during the dissolution of bauxite-type bauxite at high temperature can promote the formation of hydrated garnet containing high iron and silicon, to make the solution purified(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). 

The behavior of sulfide in soil ores during the dissolution of 260 ~ 300 ℃ is very interesting(brown aluminium oxide). Adding CaO can also adsorb some organics, mainly oxalate. The larger the iron substitution amount, the higher the silicon content in the hydrated garnet(black silicon carbide). When the pipeline is dissolved, lime is added to the system at the optimal temperature to form iron-containing hydrated garnet with the best composition.

Removal of impurities After adding CaO(brown fused alumina price), the vanadate, chromate, and fluoride ions in the sodium aluminate solution and the phosphorus in the solution can be converted into the corresponding calcium salts into the red mud, reducing their accumulation in the solution(corundum sand). In addition, the solubility of the hydrated garnet produced by adding CaO is much lower, so the silicon content index of the solution is also improved.

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