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After swelling, it is ground in a coarse mill, the germ is separated, and then finely pulverized into an emulsion(white corundum). Then starch, protein and rough skin are separated. Starch grains and proteins are separated by the "specific gravity separation method" and then refined(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). In addition to removing the tannin infusion during soaking, after crushing into pulp, caustic soda should be added to decompose all the remaining tannins.

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Starch in the chemical structure is made of a-glucose polycondensation(brown fused aluminum oxide). There are two kinds of starch structural formulas: one is a 1-4 glycoside bond with only a glucosyl ring group in a macromolecule, which is called straight starch: another In addition to the 1-4 glycoside bonds, there are 1-6 glycoside bonds and a small amount of 1-3 glycoside bonds(silicon carbide grit). The macromolecules are in a dispersed state and are called amylopectin.

(green silicon carbide powder manufacturers ukraine)Mixed pulp of sodium alginate and starch(white aluminium oxide): the degree of polymerization of amylose n = 200 ~ 900, the molecular weight is 10,000 ~ 60,000, it is a long-chain molecule, it forms the "film" of starch particles. It is easy to carry out directional flow in water. When bamboo stays, it will precipitate and become a crystal(silicon carbide abrasive). It is slightly soluble in hot water and reacts with iodine to be pure blue. The content in starch is about 20 ~ 25%.

Select, dehydrate and dry(black aluminum oxide). Rhenium penetrants are generally surfactants. The amount of penetrant should be appropriate. Too much addition will affect the quality of the slurry film, and a large amount of foam will be generated. The molecular formula of starch is (CH1O), and n is the degree of polymerization of the glycidyl group(green silicon carbide powder). It reacts with iodine as blue as ordinary starch. When extracting acorn starch, tannins should be removed.(green silicon carbide powder manufacturers ukraine)

Amylose has good film-forming properties(white fused alumina), high strength and elasticity (breaking strength 6 ~ 7.5 kg / mm, breaking elongation 9 ~ 18%, test conditions: 50% relative humidity, 22 ℃), but it is easy to form when the temperature of the slurry drops. When frozen, the degree of polymerization of amylopectin n = 600 ~ 6000(black silicon carbide), molecular weight is 30,000 ~ 1 million, and there is an average branch every 20-30 base rings, which constitute the "inside" of starch particles.

(green silicon carbide powder manufacturers ukraine)Amylopectin is difficult to make a complete film, but it is not easy to freeze when the temperature drops(pink aluminum oxide). The content of starch is 75 ~ 80%. Oxidized starch is a white powder, with fine particles, high viscosity, and strong adhesion. The starch slurry has stable viscosity, uniform decomposition, strong cohesiveness, good permeability, and high fluidity(black silicon carbide powder). It is not easy to crust and freeze, the serous membrane is tough, and the hand feels smooth and soft.

They have a linear molecular structure in common(white aluminum oxide). One part of the molecule is a hydrophilic group and the other is a hydrophobic group. Commonly used penetrants are Turkish red oil, pulverized powder, and plain 0. Vegetable oil is harder to emulsify than animal oil. 4 ~ 5% caustic soda should be added, followed by 3% stearic acid(aluminum oxide blasting media). Then pour in the steam, heat for a few minutes, let it stand and let it cool, and use a gear mixer to stir evenly before use.

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