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The amount of ore blending gradually increases(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media), as long as the ratio of the molecular weight of the ingredients is higher than the equilibrium molecular ratio, this situation can still be maintained, but the molecular ratio of the eluent gradually approaches the equilibrium molecular ratio(240 grit aluminum oxide). Dense and insoluble gibbsite ore requires fine grinding. 

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However, excessively fine grinding increases the production cost(white alumina), does not help to further increase the dissolution rate, and may also make the dissolution of red mud thinner, causing difficulties in separating and washing red mud. At this time, the molecular ratio of the solution is the equilibrium molecular ratio under this condition(180 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, the effect of particle size on the dissolution rate of Shanxi ore is not significant.

When the amount of ore reaches a certain amount, the content of Al2O3 exceeds the solubility of the solution(black corundum), and the eluate will become a saturated solution of Al2O3. The dissolution rate of Al2O3 in the ore gradually decreases with the increase of the ore proportion(220 grit aluminum oxide). After collating the results of each test, the equilibrium molecular ratio of the sodium aluminate solution under the specified conditions can be obtained.

Increasing the dissolution temperature can obtain an eluate with a molecular ratio as low as 1.4 to 1.45(pink corundum). In order to prevent a large amount of hydrolysis loss of the eluate with low molecular ratio before entering the seeds, an appropriate amount can be added to the first red mud washing tank(80 grit aluminum oxide). The seed denominator solution increases the molecular ratio of the diluted dissolving slurry to 1.55 to 1.65 to ensure sufficient stability of the solution.

After adopting such measures, due to the reduction in the amount of circulating mother liquor(white fused alumina), the steam consumption of high-pressure dissolution and evaporation of mother liquor can be reduced by 15% to 20%. In this way, the area where the ore comes into contact with the solution is large, that is, the area of the reaction is increased(fine grit aluminum oxide). When the other dissolution conditions are the same, the dissolution rate will increase.

In the continuous operation of the high-pressure dissolver group in which benzene is directly heated by steam(white aluminum oxide), the coarse-grained ore settles quickly in it, which is far below the prescribed dissolution time, and the dissolution rate of Al2O3 is significantly reduced(black silicon carbide). In addition, the grinding process of the ore will expose the alumina hydrate originally covered by impurities, which increases the dissolution rate of alumina.

Dissolution results of Weipa bauxite with different finenesses at a dissolution temperature of 220 ° C and a dissolution solution of Na2O of 230g / L(white corundum). It can be seen from the table that for the gibbsite type bauxite, too small ore fineness does not have a good effect on the dissolution effect(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). It can be seen from the figure that when the dissolution temperature is 250 ° C, the dissolution time has a great influence on the dissolution rate.

When using this type of equipment to treat monohydrate bauxite type bauxite(brown fused alumina price), it is required that the residual amount on the 100 # sieve (0.147mm) does not exceed 10%, and the residual amount on the 160 # sieve (0.095mm) does not exceed 20%(silicon carbide price). When the dissolution temperature is increased, relatively speaking, the effect of the dissolution time on the dissolution rate is relatively weakened.

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