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There are many methods of the liquid phase method, silicon carbide price and only a few methods with more reports are introduced. Freeze-drying (FDP) was first applied to biological and food engineering. At low temperature, the water in the temperature-pressure state diagram of the gel saline solution freezes into ice, and then garnet suppliers quickly evacuates to reduce the pressure. 

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At low temperature and low pressure, the ice directly sublimates into steam, brown fused alumina price which passes through 1 → 2 → 3 → 4 Step to achieve liquid-solid separation. The basic principle of the freeze-drying method is that colloidal particles have a high specific surface area and a large surface energy. The medium (water), correspondingly generates a large number of capillaries. Aluminum hydroxide sol was synthesized from pink corundum nitrate and ammonium carbonate.

In the late 1970s, foreign science and technology workers began to study the preparation of various white fused alumina ultrafine powders by this method, which has now become one of the main methods for preparing high-performance ultrafine powders. During the gelation of colloidal particles to form a network structure of the gel, in order to reduce its surface energy, a large amount of dispersion is adsorbed in the gel. The finer the fines, the greater the black oxide aluminum surface energy.

With the increase of white alumina drying time and drying temperature, this coalescence is enhanced, and the particles The agglomeration and merging greatly changed the original properties of the particles. It is difficult to obtain ultrafine particles with excellent properties by ordinary drying methods. However, the current fused alumina chemical synthesis methods generally have the problems of low yield, high production cost, and easy agglomeration, and their large-scale use is limited.

When a certain amount of water is frozen into ice, its volume expansion becomes larger, and the white aluminum oxide expansion force of water during the phase change allows the gel particles originally close to each other to be properly separated. At the same time, the formation of a solid prevents the gel from re-aggregating. The alumina is completely phase-converted to a-Al203, silicon carbide companies and the temperature is strictly controlled to ensure stable product quality.

As the gel removes water molecules, due to the effects of black corundum surface tension and surface energy, the gel further shrinks and coalesces. On the other hand, the interfacial tension between solid water molecules and particles is much smaller than the interfacial tension between liquid water molecules and particles. Therefore, theoretically, freeze-drying can greatly improve the agglomeration performance of particles under the action of glass beads supplier surface tension and surface energy during drying. 

The white corundum raw material solution is filtered through filter paper to remove insoluble matter. Put 0.1mol / L Al (NO2) sol in a glass jacket label, quickly add a certain ratio of (NH2) 2CO3 solution, and stir vigorously to control the pH of the solution to 4.5 or 5.0. 0.1) ℃, stirring speed is (810 ± 1) times / min (STS DC speed motor control), and reaction time is 15 minutes. Change the surface state of Al2O3 fine powder and improve the arc fused alumina fine powder agglomeration performance.

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