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Green Silicon Carbide Powder Suppliers Philippines

Fibers made of natural raw materials (kaolin or refractory clay) are called ordinary aluminum silicate refractory fibers(brown fused alumina price); fibers made of pure alumina and silica are called high purity aluminum silicate refractory fibers; Al2O3 content of about 60% is called high aluminum fiber(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Polycrystalline refractory fiber is mainly oxidized pot fiber and oxidized fiber with mullite fiber content of about 70% and mullite fiber content of about 95%.

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The characteristics of refractory fiber are as follows: high temperature resistance(white alumina). The maximum use temperature is 1260 ~ 2500 ℃, or even higher; while the average use temperature of glass wool, asbestos, slag wool, etc. is only 580 ~ 830 ℃. Low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity in the high temperature region is very low(220 grit aluminum oxide). This type of fiber has a microcrystalline structure, the weight can be reduced by more than 80%, and the grain size is mostly in the tens of nm.

According to the national standard (GB3003-83), the grade of ordinary aluminum silicate refractory fiber felt is PXZ-1000(black corundum). According to statistics, if in the heating furnace, annealing furnace and other industrial kiln, the use of refractory fiber instead of refractory bricks as furnace village, and the thickness can be reduced by more than 50%(80 grit aluminum oxide). Good chemical stability. Except for strong alkali, fluorine and phosphate, it is hardly affected by chemicals and has good thermal shock resistance. 

At 100C, the thermal conductivity of the refractory fiber is only 1/5 ~ 1/10 of the refractory brick, and 1/10 ~ 1/20 of the ordinary clay brick(pink corundum). Therefore, new technologies in ironmaking and new varieties of refractories are constantly emerging(fine grit aluminum oxide). At the same time, a high-pressure furnace roof and high air temperature New technologies such as comprehensive injection and electronic computer control continue to increase the utilization factor and reduce the coke ratio.

Whether it is fiber materials or pharmaceuticals, it has good thermal shock resistance unmatched by refractory bricks(brown fused alumina). Refractory fiber products are made of refractory fibers as raw materials and processed into various high-temperature insulation materials(silicon carbide abrasive). The product has light weight and low thermal conductivity, about 5% is added for oxidation Chromium is called chromium-containing aluminum silicate fiber; and is a new type of high-quality high-temperature insulation material. 

The letters in the brand are the first letters of the Chinese pinyin, P is ordinary, X is fiber, Z is felt, 1000 is working temperature is 1000 ℃(brown aluminum oxide). Aluminum silicate fiber blanket is suitable for thermal insulation of industrial kiln under 1300C, neutral or oxidizing atmosphere. Blast furnaces are the main equipment for iron production(150 grit aluminum oxide). It has the advantages of large output, high productivity and low cost. This is compared with other iron making methods.

With the rapid development of the ironmaking industry and the continuous strengthening of smelting, the blast furnace has become larger and larger(brown aluminium oxide), the effective volume has increased from nearly 1500m to about 5000m, and the daily iron production has reached or exceeded 10,000t. However, the working conditions of the lining of the blast furnace have changed significantly(black silicon carbide), and its service life has decreased significantly, generally only 5 to 6 years.

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