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High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers China

In fact, grinding is the result of the cutting of the workpiece surface by the white corundum abrasive, the chemical action of the active substance and the extrusion deformation of the workpiece surface. The primary and secondary roles of each process are different according to the nature of the process and the arc fused alumina progress stage of the process.

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It is considered that the polished surface has not received any cutting damage. For black corundum polishing, it conforms to the comprehensive effect of chemical action and pure cutting, in which chemical action is the main influence, and other factors such as the cutting of silicon carbide companies abrasive particles, the change of temperature rise, etc., promote the intensification of chemical action and play an auxiliary role.(high purity fused aluminum oxide manufacturers china)

It is impossible to explain the polishing and grinding process of white fused alumina in one way. Theoretically, the peak value of the surface roughness of the workpiece polished by white corundum should be equal to the thickness of the film. After powder granulation, its particle diameter is larger than that of the original powder, and the number of fused alumina particles that can be contacted around each particle is reduced. Therefore, its adhesion, so as to improve and improve the fluidity of the particle material.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide manufacturers china)Granulation technology has been applied and developed in ancient Chinese patent medicine processing. Now it is widely used in pink corundum pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy, ceramics and fertilizer industry. In recent years, in the production of white corundum tools, in order to improve the production efficiency and quality of cold indenter and make it automatic, the black oxide aluminum pelletizing technology has been developed and applied.

The accuracy of the size and weight of the white aluminum oxide products is improved. Because of the improvement of the fluidity of the mixed powder, the filling and cold pressing of the powder products are more uniform, and the geometric size and weight accuracy of the cold pressed products are improved. This is better for pressing special-shaped aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh products, sandwich cutter head and transition layer cutter head of laser welding saw blade.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide manufacturers china)The segregation and aggregation of powder and silicon carbide price are reduced, the distribution is more uniform, and the properties of products are improved. In the process of granulating, the powder, powder metallurgy material and alloy preparation, cohesiveness and mutual friction are greatly weakened, glass beads supplier and binder are mixed evenly in advance, then wetted with solvent, mixed and granulating.

Each brown fused alumina price is covered by powder, then cold pressed and sintered, so the segregation of powder and the aggregation of white corundum are prevented, and the sintering performance, uniformity and stability of the product are improved. Because of the good fluidity of the powder, and the distribution is more uniform, the black aluminium oxide loss of the cold pressing die is reduced, and the life of the die is increased by more than 50%.(high purity fused aluminum oxide manufacturers china)

Reduce the harm of powder pollution to workers. After adopting the granulating process, the green carborundum fine powder is reduced, the particles are not easy to break, the white corundum is wrapped by the powder, easy to store and transport, and the dust flying and pollution are greatly reduced. Polishing is a process of chemical change of active substances such as oxygen, sulfur and stearic acid. The fluidity of the pink alumina powder was improved. 

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