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High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide Price Thailand

To produce high-density brown aluminium oxide manufacturer refractory products with a porosity of 7% to 10% and a shrinkage of 8% to 10%, corundum clinker with a calcination temperature of 1500 ° C ± 20 ° C and a heat preservation of 6 to 8 hours is used. This clinker has a water absorption of 4% to 5%, a porosity of 9.5% to 16%, and a density of 3.2 to 3.4 g / cm. The use of a shaft kiln for calcination has the advantage that the brown fused alumina for grinding pellets are less damaged in it.

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Because high-purity and dense sintered white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit clinker must be calcined at high temperature, many people advocate adding additives to reduce the sintering temperature. During wet milling, the porous structure of the aggregate is easily destroyed due to the dispersive expansion and splitting of water, so the crushing efficiency and effect are better. For this reason, some factories are dedicated to the production of sintered brown aluminum oxide blast media directly using a one-step method of industrial alumina grinding.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide price thailand)Continuous feeding and discharging, the brown fused alumina material is constantly moving, the throughput of the ball and the flow rate of the gas mixture should be appropriate. To produce high-density corundum products with low porosity (3% ~ 7%) and special dense corundum refractory products with large shrinkage (15% ~ 18%), the calcination temperature should be lower (1300 ℃ ± 10 ℃, heat preservation 6 ~ 10h) of white aluminum oxide 120 grit clinker.

When TiO2 is added at 1%, the density is 3.71 ~ 3.77g / cm3. The water absorption rate is 17%, the porosity is 42%, and the density is 2.41-2.44g / cm. The brown aluminum oxide of this type of corundum clinker is poorly crystalline and is cryptocrystalline. Among them, 10-50um round particles are unevenly distributed. TiO2 is an effective and commonly used additive. Adding TiO2 at 1% ~ 2% can reduce the brown fused alumina grit sintering temperature by 150 ~ 200 ℃.(high purity fused aluminum oxide price thailand)

Grinding TiO2 and alumina are ground together. Even if 0.1% TiO2 is added, the brown aluminium oxide body calcined at 1650 ℃ can be ensured to be dense and the apparent porosity of its clinker can reach 2%. The addition of TiO2 increases to 0.5% ~ 1%. Under the same calcination conditions, the densification of clinker can only be slightly increased. When TiO2 is added at 0.1%, it is calcined at 1650 ~ 1750 ° C. The density of the clinker is 3.68 ~ 3.72g / cm.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide price thailand)Considering uneven mixing under industrial white aluminum oxide 220 grit production conditions, the amount of TiO2 added can be increased to 0.5%, but it should not exceed 1% under any circumstances. At present, some manufacturers producing sintered corundum and plate corundum mostly choose shaft kiln for calcination. For the production of black silicon carbide suppliers products with different densities, clinker with different calcination temperatures must be selected. It can be added during fine grinding of black aluminium oxide.

After the brown aluminum oxide 70 grit material is pulverized to a certain fineness, a grinding aid is added. This substance can be coagulated after being adsorbed on the surface of the particles, and the grinding efficiency can be improved by reducing the surface energy of the particles. Adding a grinding aid can also reduce The amount of water is used to improve the dispersion and the fluidity of the slurry, aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh which is conducive to the smooth progress of ultrafine crushing.(high purity fused aluminum oxide price thailand)

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