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High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide South Korea

Due to the poor thermal stability of diamond and cubic boron nitride, brown aluminium oxide performance requirements and amounts of binders, superhard abrasive ceramic bonded abrasive tools must be fired at low temperatures. Low melting bonding agent and low temperature firing have the following characteristics: Low temperature firing using low melting bonding agent can save energy and reduce white fused aluminum oxide fuel cost.

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According to the calculation of thermal equilibrium, the brown fused alumina suppliers thermal energy consumption before 1050 ℃ is equivalent to the thermal energy consumption from this temperature to 1300 ℃. A rough calculation is that each time the firing temperature is lowered by 100 ° C. Low-temperature firing can prevent white fused alumina oxide mfg from generating iron spots and has good color. The molding density is reference data and determined through actual measurement.

Reduce the firing cycle of the kiln and speed up the turnover rate of the kiln. For example, when a 400mm brown fused alumina 60 grit grinding wheel is fired, the time taken before 1000 ° C in the entire heating stage is equivalent to the time taken from 1000 ° C to 1300 ° C. If the firing temperature is reduced to 1100 ° C, the heating time can be shortened by about 1/3, , the average energy saving is about 1/6 and the cooling time can also be reduced. Can improve the quality of buy brown fused alumina grinding tools and reduce waste.

According to the technical requirements of aluminium oxide grit suppliers grinding and the accumulated production experience, the formula of the product is determined through experimental verification. The formula is related to the process conditions, equipment conditions and inspection methods of each process. A formula is a legal technical document, and its formulation, modification, and obsolescence must undergo strict approval to prevent white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit product fluctuations. 

Formula is an important technical document for manufacturing brown fused alumina. fixed mold method (constant volume) and constant pressure method. According to the formula, abrasives that meet the requirements of users can be manufactured. The contents of the formula include the type and amount of abrasives, bonding agents, wetting agents and other white aluminum oxide blast media raw materials. Hair formation density (molding pressure), microstructure of abrasive tools, etc.

There are many types of recipes. According to the brown fused alumina factory grinding application method, it can be divided into general abrasive tool formula and special abrasive tool formula; according to different molding process methods, it can be divided into pressed abrasive tool formula, water pouring abrasive tool formula, hot wax injection brown fused aluminum oxide factory tool formula, and so on. The pressure of constant pressure molding is fixed, and it is increased by 2.5MPa or 5.0MPa.

Honing tools are not easy to produce defects such as "black heart" and "redness". Different brown aluminum oxide molding processes have different requirements for the performance of the binder. The strength of silicon carbide abrasive made by this type of bonding agent is low. The temperature at which the binder generates a liquid phase during the roasting process is relatively high, and the viscosity of the liquid phase is also large. So the reaction between white aluminum oxide 220 grit materials is slow.

There are two methods to control the density of ceramic abrasives by corundum white machine pressing: There are also two types of formulas. The characteristics of the fixed-mold formula table are that the mass of the abrasive particles is 100 parts, and the binding agent and the bonding wetting agent are all percentages of the mass of the white aluminium oxide manufacturer particles. Based on the structure number (grit ratio) and other data, the molding density can be calculated.

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