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High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Russia

In order to improve the hydrophilicity, the wholesale brown fused alumina need to be calcined or coated. The treatment of abrasive includes mechanical treatment, heat treatment and chemical treatment methods, including sand screening, shaping, calcination, chemical treatment, coating treatment and the use of hollow spherical abrasive. The slurry is composed of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit binder and auxiliary materials.

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The effect of calcination on white aluminum oxide abrasive is obvious, the microhardness is increased by 10%, the hydrophilicity is increased by 3.5 times, the durability of sandpaper is increased by 30% ~ 50%, the calcination temperature is 800 ~ 1300 ℃, and the time is 2 ~ 4H. The average diameter of the spherical shell is 0.5-1.0mm, and the ratio of the average diameter of the spherical shell and the white fused alumina oxide mfg layer is (6-20): 1.(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers russia)

Coating treatment is to apply a thin layer of material on the white fused aluminium oxide surface to enhance the binding ability of abrasive particles and adhesives. The metal salts are nickel nitrate, nickel nitrate borax, nitrate drill and so on. The addition amount is 0.1% ~ 1.0%. After coating and calcining at 600 ~ 1200 ℃, the efficiency of the cloth is 4 ~ 6 times higher than that of the corundum white ordinary cloth. There are feldspar, limestone and clay mixed coatings for ceramics.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers russia)Mix the coating and white fused alumina, calcine them and then sift them loosely. Resin coating includes thermosetting phenolic resin liquid and thermoplastic resin. In addition, some refractory metal oxides such as titanium oxide, iron oxide and oxidation fault can be added to improve the bonding ability and hydrophilicity. Hollow ball abrasive is a kind of brown fused alumina factory bonded on the hollow plastic resin spherical shell with adhesive.

In the white aluminum oxide manufacturing process of coated abrasives, the front or back of the substrate (cloth, paper, etc.) is coated with a layer of chemical adhesive, which is called the matrix treatment agent, and is commonly called the slurry. The size can be divided into natural size, semi synthetic size and synthetic size. Semi synthetic size is mainly the derivative of cellulose and starch, aluminium oxide grit suppliers commonly used sodium alginate, sodium hydroxymethylcellulose and so on.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers russia)The white corundum synthetic size mainly includes polyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol, polypropylene, alkyd resin, polyvinyl alcohol, synthetic rubber, etc. The alkyd resin is used for the substrate treatment in the production of water resistant products. The binder is the main body of the slurry, brown fused alumina 60 grit which plays the role of adhesion, adhesion and film-forming. The coating materials include metal salts, ceramics, resins and organosilicon compounds.

There is no adhesive auxiliary component in the 100 grit aluminum oxide white size, which is called auxiliary material (or auxiliary agent). The auxiliary material can promote the binder to play a role in improving and improving the technological performance of the size film. Different varieties of starch have different shape, brown fused alumina suppliers particle size and color. Starch is the representative of natural pulp, and animal glue is also the natural pulp.(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers russia)

Commonly used auxiliary materials include softener, brown fused alumina oxide soaking agent, hygroscopic agent, preservative, defoamer, antistatic agent, colorant and antifriction agent, etc. Starch has good adhesion and film-forming property to cotton cloth. It is widely used in the treatment of non water resistant abrasive cloth. Commonly used starch includes corn starch, brown aluminum oxide 250 grit sweet potato starch, wheat starch, cassava starch, acorn starch, etc.

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