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High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers UK

The use of white fused alumina in abrasive dry cleaning, when the equipment is in normal operation, the abrasive enters the main machine from the feed port, the abrasive is fully dispersed due to the impact and friction of air flow, the dust and water mixed in silicon carbide particles and adhered on the surface are taken away by the air flow, and the clean 180 grit aluminum oxide particles are discharged from the discharge port.

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Such as adding oxides, carbonates, phosphates, etc. of Mg, CA, Zn, Li, B, etc. The impurity and distribution in the particles determine the hot working process of white aluminum oxide. Dust enters the cyclone first with the air flow, most of the dust is collected in the cyclone, and a small amount of 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media enters the filter cartridge with the air flow, and is blocked on the outer surface of the filter cartridge. The clean gas is discharged from the air outlet.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers uk)When the ash layer on the white corundum surface of the filter cartridge is thick, the controller opens the injection system to blow down the dust on the outer surface of the filter cartridge into the dust collection room, and then the dust is discharged by the discharge valve. After this treatment, the cleanliness of the 240 grit aluminum oxide products is more than 98%, the sawdust can be significantly reduced, and it is difficult to find impurities inside with the naked eye.

Brief introduction of various binders in white alumina powder, we can increase the proportion of flux materials in brown corundum abrasives. For example, increase the amount of binding feldspar and borosilicate reasonably. For example, when the flux dosage is increased, the content of 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media Al2O3 in the binder should be increased properly. Compared with kaolinite, illite contains more K2O and less water.(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers uk)

Of course, the formula needs to be adjusted properly. A high purity mineralizer is added to the binder. For example, high purity CaCO3 can be used as raw material, and the 60 grit aluminum oxide can be fired at a temperature lower than 1000 ℃ with stable shape and size and bending strength of more than 60MPa high-strength ceramic abrasives with the basic components of kaolin, limestone (calcium carbonate) and 220 grit aluminum oxide through appropriate proportion.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers uk)For example, if juanyun parent clay is used instead of kaolin clay, sericite is a fine flake Muscovite formed under 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media hydrothermal or metamorphism, which has clay properties and is one of the main clay minerals in southern China. When the material enters the dry cleaner, we need to adjust the blower to the appropriate air volume, so as to make the 80 grit aluminum oxide material jump up and down in the machine compartment.

After being crushed out of the furnace, the particles can not be completely uniform. Through careful selection and strict classification of the fused 150 grit aluminum oxide, a higher content of the abrasive can be selected. However, the content of the selected corundum is still less than 95%. About 85% of the corundum abrasives made of this corundum block are monomer of fine grit aluminum oxide or compact aggregate containing some impurities;(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers uk)

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