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High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide Suppliers USA

The spent materials of the brown fused alumina furnace must be desalted, and the spent materials of the brown aluminium oxide manufacturer furnace can be exempted from desalting operation. The waste material can be used as temperature maintaining material after being screened and loosened and added with wood powder. The rest of the recovered materials can be used as furnace charge.

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However, due to the high content of impurities in the binder and silicon oxycarbide, it can not be used as the green silicon carbide recycling material. It is best used as the return material for smelting non abrasive silicon carbide. Because of the collection, the composition of the material will fluctuate greatly, movable furnace, so it should be mixed well and stored evenly. Resistance furnace is the main equipment for smelting white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit.(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)

The return material shall be broken into particles less than 3mm. When a batch of brown aluminum oxide returning materials is put into use for the first time, pay special attention to observe and adjust the formula in time. The most commonly used is the indirect heating horizontal resistance furnace. The resistance furnace for refining brown fused alumina for grinding can be divided into three types in terms of its structure, i.e. fixed furnace, U-type furnace and mountain type furnace.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)The fixed furnace is built on the floor and cannot move. There are two kinds of white aluminium oxide manufacturer cooperation between the fixed transformer and the movable transformer. However, the operation environment of the fixed furnace is poor, with high temperature, large dust and carbon monoxide concentration, long short network, large copper (brown aluminum oxide blast media) consumption and large line loss; and the renewal cycle is K, high and stable power factor. 

No matter what kind of brown aluminium oxide coordination form, each transformer shall be equipped with 4-6 resistance furnaces. The advantages of the fixed furnace are low cost, short construction period and fast investment recovery; there is no moving part of the car body, so the maintenance cost is low: the white aluminum oxide 120 grit furnace position is fixed, up to 10h at most, daily operation does not need to move the furnace, easy to manage: the floor area is small.(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)

Compared with the fixed furnace with movable transformer, the white aluminum oxide 220 grit advantages of the fixed furnace with movable transformer are short distance of short network, low cost of copper (aluminum) material, less power loss on short network, equal length of short network of each brown fused alumina grit furnace. Its disadvantages are increasing the mobile transformer, prolonging the switching time, large area of transformer room and increasing the investment.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)The movable furnace builds the resistance furnace on the flat car, and white aluminum oxide blast media moves according to the needs of the technological process. However, the overall equipment covers a large area, has a high cost and a long payback period; the equipment depreciation, overhaul and maintenance costs are large, the high-temperature smelting and carbon monoxide emission are separated from other operation locations, black silicon carbide suppliers improving the working conditions. 

As shown in Figure 1-36. The movable furnace arranges all kinds of operations in a specific furnace position, brown aluminum oxide 70 grit realizing the simplification of each furnace position operation, so the mechanization degree is high, and it is convenient to take labor protection and environmental protection measures at the same time; the short network length is short, the copper aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh) material consumption is small, and the electric energy consumption is small.(high purity fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)

The U-type furnace is a fixed furnace with the brown fused aluminum oxide factory furnace core arranged in the U-shape. The biggest feature of U-type furnace is that the heat loss per unit volume from the surface to the outside is small, so it can hide from peak and stop power transmission according to the regional power supply situation every day. It can hide peak twice a day and cut off power for 2 ~ 4H each time, black aluminium oxide which does not affect the output and quality of the furnace.

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