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High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price Germany

Al2O3-SiC-C bricks are used in the molten iron pots and ladle. The three continuous castings (long nozzle, stopper rod, and submerged nozzle) are made of Al2O3-C brick, aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh which is made of carbon-containing materials such as graphite in corundum. Some ladles use fused aluminium oxide-spinel products. The service life of petrochemical gasification furnace and two-stage conversion furnace is extended.

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Some argon-blowing breathable bricks use metal-nitride combined corundum breathable bricks, chrome corundum breathable bricks, and corundum spinel breathable bricks. Corundum-silicon carbide products for lining of dry quenching furnace. Building materials industry. After low temperature firing process at 1300 ~ 1400 ℃, it produces steel shot abrasive bricks with high strength and good thermal shock resistance.(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale price germany)

Ceramic kiln uses white fused alumina mullite slabs and boxes. Sintered activated alumina, pure calcium aluminate cement and dispersed alumina, which improve and adjust the properties of amorphous refractories, play an important role. Not only can corundum fine powder and ultrafine powder be produced by black aluminium oxide mechanical pulverization method, but also a-Al2O3 ultrafine powder can be produced by chemical synthesis method.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale price germany)Glass kiln uses wrong corundum fused cast brick, white aluminum oxide fused cast brick, sintered wrong corundum brick, etc. It is reported that a company in Henan Province uses corundum and a-Al2O3 ultrafine powder as the main raw materials and adopts multiple dispersion and other technologies. Sintered stiffened corundum slide rails and pink alumina silicon carbide bricks are used in the rolling steel heating furnace. 

An important development trend of the glass beads manufacturers refractory industry in the world is the rapid increase in the use of amorphous refractories. For example, the proportion of high-quality and efficient amorphous refractories in Japan has exceeded 60%, and in 2003 it reached 65%, and the United States accounted for 53%. Currently, plate-shaped black silicon carbide factory, the largest amount is castable.(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale price germany)

There are also cement rotary kiln mouths, and various furnaces and kilns in the chemical industry use white corundum castables, ramming materials, smears, refractory muds, etc. Corundum materials are suitable as raw materials for various construction methods. European amorphous refractories account for 45% -50% of the total output. The petrochemical industry makes heavy use of black fused alumina bricks.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale price germany)Although China only accounts for about 30% to 35%, it is constantly developing. garnet abrasive price is an important raw material for amorphous refractories. Among the raw materials used for amorphous refractories, whether it is coarse-grained aggregate or fine powder of matrix components, in addition to alkaline materials, electrical Fused corundum, brown corundum, sub-white corundum and other corundum materials.

Some large ladles in China generally use glass bead abrasive-spinel castables with Al2O3 content exceeding 90%. For example, Shanghai Baosteel's 300t ladle has a service life of more than 300 times. Followed by Al2O3, 60% ~ 85% of A12O-SiC-C quality iron ditch castable, Baosteel's 4350m blast furnace tap iron communication volume reached 65114t, pink fused alumina and after the second spray repair, the iron flux exceeded 100,000t.(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale price germany)

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