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High Purity Fused Aluminum Oxide Wholesale UAE

Rubber Abrasives have the following characteristics. High mechanical strength rubber abrasives are hard vulcanized rubber products with high mechanical strength. Their physical and mechanical properties are as follows: tensile strength is 576 ~ 720mpa, impact strength is 0.05Mpa, density is 1.1g/cm3, elongation is 5% ~ 705%, softening temperature is 60 ℃. The common abrasives of rubber abrasives are high purity fused aluminum oxide and white corundum.

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Rubber with high elasticity and polishing performance is a high elastic body with high molecular weight and deformability, black synthetic corundum which shows unique high elasticity at room temperature. In grinding process, due to the influence of grinding heat, the contact between the grinding tool and the workpiece is in an elastic state. Under the action of grinding force, the aluminum oxide for sand blaster on the surface of the grinding tool can be pressed into the elastic bond rubber.(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale uae)

Therefore, the surface of the pink aluminium oxide workpiece to be grinded leaves a shallow scratch, and the surface of the workpiece can obtain a lower surface roughness value. The soft rubber abrasive tools with poor heat resistance are not oil resistant and easy to aging. If the abrasive content is large and the binder content is relatively reduced, the strength and durability of the grinding tool will be reduced, but the aluminium oxide abrasive grit grinding ability will be increased and the workpiece will not be easily burned.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale uae)Raw rubber is a kind of high viscosity liquid, aluminium oxide sandblasting which softens and flows when heated, and becomes viscoelastic material. Rubber abrasive tools are heated and vulcanized in the thermoplastic state, so the structure of the abrasives is compact, the porosity is low or even no porosity, so the chip removal and heat dissipation performance are poor in the grinding process, easy to friction, heat generation and burn the workpiece, so the widespread use of rubber abrasive tools is affected.

Hard rubber abrasives are oil, acid and alkali resistant and white fused alumina can be stored at room temperature. Rubber Abrasives have poor heat resistance. They begin to soften at 60 ℃, release H2S gas above 100 ℃, and produce odor gas. When the temperature is over 200 ℃, carbonization and decomposition will begin, and the temperature will reach 250 ~ 280 ℃ for combustion. Therefore, rubber abrasive tools are only used in wet grinding, and black alumina individual use f280, F400 and F800.

(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale uae)A small number of abrasives use microcrystalline corundum, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, the particle size of raw materials is f80-f120, a small number of abrasives use f40-f60 and f150-f240. The abrasive with the same particle size and quantity is added into the raw rubber with the same binder, but the abrasive varieties are different. Different kinds of abrasives in rubber grinding county have a certain influence on the performance of abrasives. 

The white aluminum oxide with the same specification is made. Under the same grinding conditions, the strength of white corundum (WA) and chrome corundum (PA) is the lowest; the single crystal corundum (SA) abrasive has the most serious burn on the workpiece surface, and the microcrystalline corundum (MA) and chrome corundum (PA) are the least. Different kinds of aluminium oxide blasting have certain influence on the operability of raw rubber in the production of abrasives.(high purity fused aluminum oxide wholesale uae)

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