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High Quality 1200 Grit Aluminum Oxide Price Switzerland

In the smelting of single crystal corundum, in addition to the reduction of impurities by the same carbon as brown fused alumina, there is also the reaction of sulfides. The oxides in alumina can generate corresponding sulfides. The aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit reaction equation is: Al2O3 + 3C + 3FeS = Al2S3 + 3Fe + 3CO, SiO2 + 2C + FeS = SiS + Fe + 2CO, TiO2 + 2C + FeS = TiS + Fe + 2CO, CaO + C + FeS = CaS + Fe + CO, MgO + C + FeS = MgS + Fe + CO.

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Alumina, calcium oxide, and magnesium oxide have not been reduced, but oxygen is replaced by sulfur to generate green carborundum sulfide, calcium sulfide, and magnesium sulfide. Titanium oxide is reduced in the process of generating sulfides, and tetravalent silicon and titanium become Has a positive divalent silicon and titanium. The white fused alumina manufacturer substitution reaction may also occur between silicon oxide and titanium oxide: SiO2 + 2C + 2FeS = SiS2 + 2Fe + 2CO, TiO2 + 2C + 2FeS = TiS2 + 2Fe + 2CO,

(high quality 1200 grit aluminum oxide price switzerland)However, high-priced silicon and titanium sulfides will further react with their oxides to form low-priced brown aluminum oxide sulfides: SiO2 + 2C + SiS2 = 2SiS + 2CO, TiO2 + 2C + TiS2 = 2TiS + 2CO. The conversion of metal oxides to sulfides is carried out in a commercial format. Because the melting point of ferrous sulfide is 1193 ° C, brown fused alumina manufacturer which is much lower than the melting point of alumina, the ferrous sulfide melts first, and the chemical reaction occurs after the alumina melts.

For example, iron oxide produced by the silicon carbide companies combustion of ferrous sulfide under the high temperature conditions of releasing air, the iron sulfide in the deep part of the charge is reduced to metallic iron. Silicon sulfide (SiS) is sublimated at 940 ° C. Aluminium sulfide begins to sublimate at 1550 ℃, and a part of it will sublimate under 100 grit aluminum oxide white smelting conditions, but most of it will fuse with alumina to form a solid melt.(high quality 1200 grit aluminum oxide price switzerland)

The amount of white corundum sulfide produced depends on the amount of pyrite. The melting point of corundum furnace liquid decreases with the increase of aluminum sulfide content. The shape of the corundum crystal has a great relationship with the content of aluminum sulfide in the furnace liquid. When the content of aluminum sulfide in the melt is close to 4%, the emery abrasive crystallized from the melt is mainly equiaxed crystal, and the particle shape is particularly good.

(high quality 1200 grit aluminum oxide price switzerland)Tritium is in these chemical reactions. When the content of aluminum oxide abrasive sulfide in the melt is 6.5%, in addition to the equiaxed crystals, there are slender particles. It can be seen that the content of aluminum sulfide in the melt is preferably controlled at 4% to 7%. Most of the silicon sulfide produced during synthetic corundum smelting is volatilized, and the remaining one will also be decomposed during the next hydrolysis.

When the content of aluminum sulfide reaches more than 25%, most of the silicon carbide price crystals are flaky and dendritic, and a large number of corundum crystals less than 15 μm appear. When the solution was cooled, the aluminum sulfide melted and crystallized the nAl2O3 · mAl2S3 solid solution. From the structural analysis of aluminum oxide grit, it is found that in addition to 80% of single crystals, there are 20% of aggregates.(high quality 1200 grit aluminum oxide price switzerland)

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