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High Quality 50 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers

As mentioned earlier, the sleeve tying tape is in an unscorched state during the general electrolysis fine flame burning(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). When the electrolysis cell is activated, in order to protect the edges, it is required that the side electrolyte block masonry cannot be completely melted, so that it can be aided(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Therefore, the voltage and cell temperature must be controlled at the beginning of the electrolytic cell. 

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After the electrolytic cell is started(sandblasting abrasive), with the reduction of cell voltage, the heat income in the cell decreases and the electrolytic temperature decreases(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). After the modern electrolytic cell is started, although the cell temperature is continuously decreasing, it is still at a higher temperature, and the electrolyte blocks at the edges gradually melt, especially before the aluminum is poured, where the edges melt faster(aluminum oxide supplier).

requires the edge temperature not to rise too quickly(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Over time, a hard crust is formed at the bottom of the furnace, which not only affects the normal operation of the electrolytic cell, but also affects the life of the cathode inner village(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). On the one hand, it can maintain sufficient liquid electrolyte volume in the new cell, and on the other hand, it can make the edge paste good coking and prolong the life of the electrolytic phase(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers).

The part sticks to good coking and does not cause cracks(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). In addition, the heat loss of the new startup inspection is large, and the Uchimura will absorb a lot of heat for a considerable period of time after startup(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). If the electrolyte temperature is low during startup, the electrolyte level will easily drop rapidly, and precipitation will occur at the bottom of the furnace, resulting in furnace grain deformity(black silicon carbide). 

After 25 days of operation, only l8&m or so of an anode is left when it is replaced(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). At the same time, the liquid electrolyte also begins to solidify at the edge to form a delivery process, which slows down the melting of the edge electrolyte, and makes the edge heat up slowly, so that the edge can be heated slowly(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). After the aluminum is poured, because the tank temperature drops too much, the edge entanglement slows down(white aluminium oxide powder).

With the extension of start-up time(high purity fused aluminum oxide), the height of anode planting is uneven, and the new electric anode is in the same situation(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). If the coke particles are not removed before the shoulder movement, manpower must be organized to harvest the acid after the artificial effect to ensure that the electrolyte is clean. The punching part is protected from strong thermal shock(how to choose white fused alumina). An electrolytic cell sintered with coke pellets.

After the start-up(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand), the electrolyte level is severely contracted or the tank shell steel plate is burnt in a short time, which is not conducive to the conversion of the electrolytic phase to normal production, and will also cause serious damage to the internal materials of the grid edge and shorten the life of the electrolytic cell(green silicon carbide). At this time, NaF should be often added to maintain the electrolyte molecular ratio required by the regulations(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). 

One is that the temperature of the electrolytic planting gradually meets the requirements(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers); the other is that various technical conditions slowly evolve to the control range of normal production(sandblasting sand); the third is that a layer of regular and strong crusts of the test tape are gradually formed along the surrounding areas of the electrolytic plant, which is the so-called inside the plant supervision. type(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). 

If a block with a high graphite content or a high degree of graphitization is used or a basic titanium coated cathode is used, due to the good resistance to sodium expansion, the rate of decrease of the molecular ratio can be accelerated, so as to shorten the abnormal period of the electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide blasting media). In order to facilitate management, the electrolytic cell is also divided into three periods from start-up to normal production(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers).

It shall not exceed 24cm at most (minimum residual height plus pole distance)(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). The electrolyte gradually becomes acidic due to the precipitation of sodium and the large absorption of NaF by carbon materials during this period(brown corundum). If the electrolytic cell still fails to form a shell after two days and two nights, it proves that the starting temperature is too high, and the voltage must be reduced quickly(white fused alumina suppliers).

The electrolyte crystallizes into ceramic measures along the surrounding Hawthorn wall, so that the electrolyte level gradually decreases(wholesale brown fused alumina). The characteristics of the middle start-up period are that the temperature of each part of the electrolytic cell has basically reached, but a stable heat balance has not been established(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). Therefore, the focus of management during this period should revolve around these "changes."(white aluminum oxide blast media)

Therefore, when the new plant is started, the electrolyte height requirements are high(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). Its purpose is to save more heat through the liquid electrolyte, so that the electrolytic tracing also has good thermal stability under the condition of large heat dissipation and large heat absorption in the inner village at the initial stage of start-up(aluminum oxide blast media canada). Sometimes, one anode is replaced every day from the second day of start-up. 

In order to make full use of the anode and obtain better raw aluminum quality, the electrolyte level shall not exceed the minimum anode surface(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The type of cathode carbon block used in electrolysis should be considered when formulating the reduction rate of molecular ratio after startup(white aluminum oxide grit). When these changes are completed, the electrolytic test has established a stable thermal balance, that is, it has entered the normal operation stage(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). 

In the later stage of dry start-up(aluminium oxide blasting media), the polymer ratio needs to be maintained for a long time (for example, 28 in the first month, 2.7 in the second month and 26 in the third month), while the conductivity of electrolyte under the polymer ratio is high, and it can maintain normal polarity without high voltage(china brown fused alumina manufacturers). Generally, the molecular ratio plays a decisive role in the whole technical conditions of Electrolytic detection(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers).

Therefore(aluminium oxide powder), the transformation speed of molecular ratio to the normal range determines the speed of electrolytic pomelo into the normal production period(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers). It is mainly judged by the adjustment of bath temperature, electrolyte composition change and process parameters in place(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). Otherwise, the liquid electrolyte will submerge the anode steel claw, causing the steel claw to melt and reducing the quality of raw aluminum. 

The electrolyte height during normal production is maintained at 20 ~ 22xm(garnet abrasive suppliers). After the start-up of electrolytic planting, it goes through two days of high temperature stage, that is, it enters the late stage of start-up, and the time is as long as 2-3 months(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). Therefore, from the perspective of obtaining the ideal current efficiency index as soon as possible, it is hoped that the molecular ratio can be reduced to the normal range quickly(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers).

At present(brown fused alumina manufacturers), semi right ink blocks are widely used in large-scale pre culture tanks in China, which generally fall to 24-26 in the second month after startup and to the required range in the normal production period in the third month. Pay attention to whether a closed crust has been formed on the surface of the electrolytic cell(vietnam aluminum oxide). Except for the middle blanking hole, there are almost no places where fire and smoke run(high quality 50 grit aluminum oxide suppliers).

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