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Under the same other conditions, high carbon molten iron is easier to precipitate graphite(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). The main internal factor that can affect the aggregation form of carbon atoms in liquid cast iron is the activity of carbon in liquid iron(aluminium oxide blasting). Due to the existence of multicomponent, even if the carbon concentration remains unchanged, the carbon activity coefficient will change and need to be corrected. 

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However, with the increasing overheating of molten iron, carbon atoms are not enough to maintain their own connection(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). Electrons can break free from the bondage of atomic check bonds and transfer to the N-electron layer of iron atoms, and polymerize with iron atoms to form c-fe atomic groups(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). Taking silicon as an example, the effect of elements on carbon activity and phase diagram in iron carbon silicon alloy is explained.

The figure shows the carbon isoactivity curve drawn on the binary phase diagram of iron carbon alloy(aluminum oxide for sale). When calculating the molten reaction of iron carbon alloy by metallurgical thermodynamics, the carbon activity usually takes 1% C solution as the standard state(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). This is because the increase of carbon content reduces the vacancy containing carbon atoms and increases the activity trend of carbon atoms(70 grit aluminum oxide). 

When studying the crystallization phase transformation process of cast iron, pure graphite is taken as the standard state and its activity is set as 1(aluminium oxide blast media). When graphite and supersaturated molten iron coexist in equilibrium, the activity is equal, both of which are 1. When carbon exceeds its solubility in molten iron, graphite precipitates(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). SiO2 can become graphite nucleation matrix and affect the precipitation of graphite in cast iron.

Cast iron is a multicomponent alloy(green silicon carbide). For the molten iron with the same composition, the carbon activity increases with the decrease of temperature, the stability of C-C atomic group increases accordingly, and the bond strength increases relatively(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). According to the changes of these physical properties and the analysis of relevant scientific test data, some differences between the two phase structures can be inferred or determined(aluminium oxide sand).

Therefore, when calculating the activity of cast iron, it is necessary to introduce the interaction coefficient e for correction(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The carbon activity coefficient can be obtained from the following formula: in Formula 1, the items on the right respectively represent the influence of carbon and other permanent elements on the value of carbon activity coefficient, and the value of interaction coefficient e can be found in relevant manuals(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman).

Therefore, increasing carbon activity will strengthen the formation tendency of C-C atomic groups(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). Neumann et al. Calculated the relationship between carbon(180 grit aluminum oxide), silicon concentration and temperature and carbon activity in the alloy according to the interaction coefficient of silicon on carbon 2 = 2 and set this value not affected by temperature change, and drew the isoactivity line of carbon and silicon in FEC Si ternary system at 1400 ℃.

It can be seen from the figure that when the carbon content in molten iron is fixed, the increase of silicon content will increase the activity of carbon in molten iron. This is the thermodynamic explanation for the decrease of eutectic carbon content and the increase of eutectic reaction starting temperature after the addition of silicon to Fe-C alloy(pink aluminum oxide). Given the activity coefficient, the activity can be calculated(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman).  

In other words, the activity (escape) ability of carbon atoms increases with the increase of silicon content(80 grit aluminum oxide). At the same temperature, the lower carbon content in the ferrosilicon containing liquid is equivalent to the higher carbon content in the ferrosilicon free liquid, which will lead to the co product transformation at the lower carbon content(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). The primary crystals precipitated during solidification of liquid cast iron contain carbon(aluminum oxide grit blasting).

On the contrary, the interaction with carbon (E2 = -0.039) reduces the eutectic transformation temperature and helps to improve the Eutectic Transformation Tendency of metastable system(steel grid). It is often called that the charge used to melt molten iron will change the structure of liquid cast iron because it contains different high carbon phases. Unmelted alkali can produce many c-fe atomic groups in molten iron and promote the formation of cementite(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). 

The interaction coefficient of these elements on carbon should be positive(alumina abrasive), which is helpful to improve the Eutectic Transformation Tendency of the stable system and promote the production of austenite graphite eutectic structure (graphitization). Such elements are called graphitization elements(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). The solidification structure of cast iron seems to become to a certain extent The product of "genetic" effect of heterogeneous phase.

For a carbon content alloy(black corundum), silicon moves the carbon isoactivity line in the phase diagram to a higher temperature, which is equivalent to the carbon activity required for Eutectic Transformation (AC = will appear at a higher temperature (eutectoid reaction is similar). Atomic group can be largely retained to solidification temperature under rapid cooling of molten iron to promote cementite precipitation(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). 

For example, cast pig iron (gray mouth) contains coarse graphite, while steel-making pig iron (white mouth) contains a large amount of cementite(alumina sand). C-fe atomic group is easy to maintain in molten iron with high superheat(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). According to different concentration units, carbon activity can be changed from AC = f [C] Where is the activity coefficient, that is, the ratio of activity to its concentration in the actual solution.

However, overheating cannot completely eliminate the "genetic" effect(black silicon carbide). If these high-carbon substances are not fully melted in the smelting process and some still exist in a heterogeneous state, they will become the "seeds" of atomic groups in molten iron(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). unmelted graphite particles either directly become graphite nuclei or form CC atomic groups to promote graphite nucleation(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). 

Only a few of these particles are similar to the lattice structure of graphite, have good coherent relationship and are easy to match. They can become an effective nucleation matrix of graphite and promote the precipitation of graphite(aluminum oxide sand). Artificially increasing the number of such particles is one of the means to promote graphitization(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). There are also gaseous elements such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in liquid cast iron.

Elements come from many aspects: they are absorbed from the atmosphere during the melting process, brought in by the furnace charge, and produced by the metallurgical reaction(garnet sand). The oxygen in industrial molten iron is often in a saturated state, and its content varies with different melting processes, melting temperatures and metallurgical reaction degrees(high quality abrasive blast media suppliers oman). The oxygen is in a free state or a combined state (SiO2, MnO) It exists in molten iron.

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