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High Quality Alumina Abrasive Manufacturers Indonesia

Brown corundum is a kind of artificial corundum. At present, the market price of brown corundum is relatively stable. There are different prices because of the different grain size of brown corundum. Grain size determines the price and quality of brown corundum. The particle size of brown corundum can be divided into many specifications, and the best one is Grade A. Its function is very extensive, large-scale construction, chemical industry, abrasives and other places with high requirements can be used.

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It can also be added to refractories. General brown fused alumina can be used as grinding material. Used for grinding or polishing of various materials. The most common brown corundum can be used in the production of grindstone, gauze, sandpaper and other related industries. The particle size of brown corundum determines the application range. Therefore, the quality of silicon carbide abrasive with lower price on the market is different.(high quality alumina abrasive manufacturers indonesia)

The grain size of green silicon carbide determines the price and performance. There are abundant bauxite resources in our country. In order to give full play to the resource advantages of our country, the electrofusion corundum with high alumina content obtained by electrofusion purification method with high bauxite as raw material has been successful in recent years, creating a unique new way to produce high purity aluminum oxide grit at low cost in our country.

(high quality alumina abrasive manufacturers indonesia)Bauxite based brown aluminum oxide can partially or completely replace the fused corundum as raw material of industrial alumina to produce refractories, which opens up a more abundant source of raw material I for refractories industry. The technological process of bauxite electrofusion corundum and its difference from that of smelting alumina grit the reduction and separation of SIQ in bauxite and bottle yard is the main process of smelting brown corundum.

When using bauxite to smelt corundum (also called meta white corundum), not only Si0 and fez03 but also other oxides, especially 7102, which is relatively stable, should be removed. In order to reduce 7102 with high reduction temperature, excess carbon must be added. This will lead to the occurrence of CH4 (methane) gas from C3 in fused corundum nuggets, which will be hydrolyzed and released from C3 when stored in water or humid air, and then corundum abrasive particles will be powdered.

(high quality alumina abrasive manufacturers indonesia)Therefore, it is necessary to add decarburizer (iron scale) in the later stage of smelting to make A1203 and co formed from C3 oxidation, so as to avoid the adverse effect of C3 formation. In the smelting process of bauxite black silicon carbide, the former and the latter are reduction smelting and oxidation refining. The process of smelting bauxite alumina abrasive is different from that of smelting brown corundum, which requires high requirements in all aspects.

Alumina clinker A12O3 ≥ 85%, TiO2 ≤ 4.5%, and high-power electric furnace smelting is required. The aluminum oxide abrasive smelting process is divided into three stages: adding appropriate carbon and clarifier (iron filings) in the initial stage, adding excessive carbon and clarifier in the middle stage for 100 grit aluminum oxide media reduction and precipitation separation, and adding decarburizer for decarburization and clarification in the later stage of refining oxidation.(high quality alumina abrasive manufacturers indonesia)

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