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To measure the insulation quality of electrolytic capacitors(white aluminum oxide fine powder), it is not to use insulation resistance or time constant (r=CR) like ceramic dielectric and organic dielectric capacitors, because electrolytic capacitors have poor insulation performance(brown aluminum oxide suppliers). Generally speaking, the so-called nominal capacitance refers to the capacitance value marked on the capacitor, which is the nominal value of the design capacity.

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In order to analyze the electrical characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors(white fused alumina for precision casting), especially the relationship between capacitance C, loss tangent g3, impedance Z, temperature T, and this relationship is closely and complexly dependent on the structure of aluminum electrolytic capacitors(sponge media abrasive blasting). The dielectric of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is Al2O3 film. When it forms a capacitor, there is a capacitance C.

(high quality alumina abrasive manufacturers usa)If the test result is not qualified due to the above reasons, the hardness value should be measured at 2 points near the test point(aluminium oxide grit manufacturers). Similarly, the dielectric also has losses, and The loss resistance is expressed. The rated voltage value series of electrolytic capacitors consists of the following values(white aluminium oxide manufacturer): 4.0, 6.3, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 63, 100, 160, 200, 250, 350, 400, 450, 500, and the unit is volts (V ).

In order to understand the equivalent circuit of aluminum electrolytic capacitors(brown aluminium oxide fine powder), we must first understand the relationship between the series circuit and the parallel circuit of the capacitor dielectric. According to the dielectric theory, the dielectric will produce dielectric polarization under the action of an electric field, and frequency f(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), which contributes to the permittivity of the dielectric.(high quality alumina abrasive manufacturers usa)

It should be pointed out that the meaning of the resistance representing the loss in the two equivalent circuits is different, and its teaching value is also completely different(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers). Relationship, it is necessary to analyze the equivalent circuit. Other raw materials such as chemical reagents, electrolytic paper, rubber stoppers, pure water, etc(brown aluminium oxide grit). contain strict requirements for the content of chloride ions and sulfate ions.

(high quality alumina abrasive manufacturers usa)And the ground degree of the positive lead has the same effect(brown fused alumina size sand). When comparing, the test should be carried out at the hardness test point. In the parallel equivalent circuit, the resistance representing the dielectric loss can be regarded as the leakage resistance, and the R value should be large(white fused alumina for refractory). Uncivilized production and poor environmental sanitation will cause increased leakage current.

If there is another result that does not meet the requirements(brown aluminum oxide abrasive), that is It is judged that the hardness at this place is unqualified, and when the Brinell hardness measurement is repeated, the hysteresis of adjacent indentation centers should not be less than 4 staggers of the indentation diameter(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). In the series equivalent circuit, it is actually characterized as the dielectric energy loss resistance, so the r value should be small.

(high quality alumina abrasive manufacturers usa)Even if the working electrolyte contains a very small amount of chloride, it will have a harmful effect on the product(brown fused alumina 95%), because the presence of the Chinese compound can not only damage the oxide film, but also cause the anode box and lead to be corroded(brown aluminum oxide blast media). If you want to express the above-mentioned effect of the capacitor medium, it can be expressed by a parallel or series equivalent circuit.

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