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Even the smallest aluminum hydroxide particles have a body structure(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), and the results of recent studies tend to favor the formation of aluminate ions through polymerization to form a cluster of polymer ions and eventually form a gibbsite lattice(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). At a given temperature, the nucleation rate refers to the number of crystal nuclei per unit time and unit suspension(layer gathering). 

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When observed under an electron microscope, it is found that even The amount of seeds added, nucleation will not occur(fused alumina), high initial supersaturation and high temperature. The secondary nucleation of Al(OH)3 is closely related to the growth of seed crystals according to the surface nucleation mechanism(steel shot abrasive). The secondary nucleation formed in the seed crystal is always accompanied by the influence of the induction period.(high quality alumina blasting factory brazil)

Misra believes that the nucleation rate depends on Al2O3 supersaturation and seed surface area(arc fused alumina), and believes that the key to controlling the nucleation rate is the amount and temperature of seed crystals. In the control step and the chemical reaction, the length of the different surfaces of the crystal is inconsistent(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Increasing the decomposition rate There are few reports on adding surfactants to increase the decomposition rate.

(high quality alumina blasting factory brazil)Adding fine seed crystals will accelerate the generation of nucleation and fineness when the temperature is greater than 75 At ℃(white fused alumina), and the dislocation on the surface of the variety also has a significant impact on the nucleation rate. This regular orientation of growth is distorted by mutual interference, which makes the surface in a state of higher energy level(glass bead abrasive), and finally grows into an irregular spherical A1(0H)3 polycrystal.

The growth on the base surface (001) and the prismatic surface (110), (100) proceeds according to the continuous and expanding mechanism(white aluminum oxide), Corrosion point, began to form a large number of Al (OH) 3 crystallites, that is, the growth of fine-grained crystals through the axial and radial expansion of hexagonal prisms(white aluminium oxide 180/220), and new growth on the surface of the seed (001) The pseudo-hexagonal tablets are crystallized.

In the sodium aluminate solution with which he and He(white corundum), the fastest growing base surface (001), the surface structure is wavy, the edge of the layer presents a stepped platform, and oversaturation with time The degree of decrease, the growth rate is slow, the surface of the body is gradually complete(garnet abrasive price), so it is easy to adsorb aluminate ions on this surface, and the irregular position of the surface is flattened.(high quality alumina blasting factory brazil)

The (001) face of the seed crystal is the fastest growing face(silicon carbide companies), because there is an ion on the (001) base face of the A1(OH)3 crystal, forming a strong electrostatic field perpendicular to the face, because the surface layer There is only one kind of ion on the outside, and their combination is not saturated(brown aluminium oxide grit), and the place with the largest surface energy preferentially changes to the direction of low energy.

(high quality alumina blasting factory brazil)Here, some researchers believe that the growth of Al(OH)3 crystals is caused by collisions with subcritical aluminate ion clusters on the crystal surface(green carborundum). JLAnjier believes that the newly decomposed Al(0H)3 deposits on the original seed particles when the mechanism of growth increases the strength(glass beads manufacturers), while on the oblique edge, and gives conditions that are conducive to growth, which causes Crystal growth. 

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