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Kaolinite is a mineral name(glass beads manufacturers). Its chemical composition is A12O3, 39.5%, SiO2, 46.5%, H2O, 14%. Kaolinite, perlite and dickite are of the same chemical composition and different structure, belonging to the same subclass of kaolinite. Kaolinite subclass and hydrokaolinite subclass constitute kaolinite minerals. Kaolinite is named after Gaoling mountain, Fuliang County, Jiangxi Province, China(aluminium oxide sandblasting). Kaolinite minerals are usually loose scale, dense fine-grained and earthy aggregates.

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The scales are colorless and the blocks are mostly white, but they have different colors due to impurities(garnet abrasive price). The dense block is lusterless and slippery. Strong water absorption and plasticity when wet. Clay can be kneaded into powder by hand. The chemical properties of kaolinite are stable and soluble in sulfuric acid. Its hardness is low, its scale is flexible, its cleavage is very complete, and its density is 2.58-2.60g/cm(80 grit aluminum oxide). The fracture surface is uneven or shell like, and the Mohs hardness is close to 1.

There is a strong endothermic Valley at about 600 ℃, a strong exothermic peak at 980 ℃, and only a large step in the thermogravimetry curve(white fused alumina). When heated to 1200 ℃, the final equilibrium phases are mullite (3a12o3 · 2SiO2) and cristobalite (SiO2). The technological characteristics of kaolinite are: white after firing; good formability(glass bead abrasive); drying or firing strength of the body; stable size of the finished product, smooth surface of the body.

Kaolinite is the main raw material for the production of refractories and ceramics(silicon carbide price). In light industry, chemical industry, building materials and other industries as fillers, enhancers, binders, brighteners and so on. Bauxite used as high alumina cement contains FeO < 2.5%, TiO2 < 3.5%, RO < 1.0%, MgO < 1.0%(steel shot abrasive). Bauxite used as corundum type grinding material, including Fe2O3 < 5.0%, A12O3 / Si02 ≥ 15, TiO2 < 5.0%, Ca0 + Mg0 ≤ 1.0%.

The block degree of bauxite shall not be greater than 400mm(aluminum oxide abrasive). When it is used as corundum type grinding material, its block degree is 20-300 mm. The bauxite ore shall not be mixed with clay, limestone and other foreign debris. Bauxite clinker is calcined bauxite. Before making bricks, bauxite is usually calcined to obtain clinker, namely painful material(white alumina powder). Taking this kind of material as the aggregate in the batching can ensure the volume stability and the accuracy of the overall dimension of the product.

After calcination, corundum, mullite and glass phases are formed according to the ratio of A12O3 to SiO2(aluminum oxide grit). It is mainly used to produce high alumina refractories and also to produce fused brown corundum. The two main factors influencing the sintering of bauxite are secondary Mullitization and liquid phase reaction. The former depends on the ratio of A12O3 / SiO2, which hinders sintering and the latter promotes sintering(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Clay minerals are fine particles, generally no more than 10m.

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