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The corrosive in the chemical etching solution is like a tool on the milling head(fused alumina), so that under the edge of the anti-corrosion layer, a turning arc R with a width A and a radius approximately equal to the corrosion depth h is formed. The amount of side erosion is mainly affected by metal materials(brown fused alumina for sale). This phenomenon is called "side erosion" Or "horizontal cutting under the anti-corrosion layer".

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On the contrary, the processing accuracy is reduced and the scope of application is reduced(arc fused alumina). The size of the above-mentioned arc R is greatly affected by the etching depth, the ratio of the minimum width of the corroded window to the etching depth, the composition of the etching solution, the etching method, and the type of material(glass bead blasting media suppliers). People think that the faster the etching speed, the smaller the amount of side erosion.

(high quality alumina company mexico)Chemical corrosion is used to reduce the quality of product parts, mainly to reduce the quality of castings(white fused alumina), forgings and the thickness of various extruded profiles, so that the thickness of parts can be reduced to a minimum. The faster the etching speed, the shorter the etching processing cycle, the higher the production efficiency, and vice versa. The amount of storage erosion determines the accuracy of chemical etching.

These factors increase the cost of the etchant, and at the same time increase the requirements for the resist layer and increase the cost(white aluminum oxide). Among several commonly used metal materials, copper has the smallest amount of side erosion and aluminum has the largest amount of side erosion(steel grid). The selection, concentration and etching conditions of the corrosive agent will also have a greater impact on the amount of side etching of the metal.

This understanding is only valid when the composition of the metal material and the etching solution is fixed(brown aluminium oxide), and the minimum amount of side erosion can only be Reach the theoretical undercut amount of this metal material. Relevant scholars have shown that choosing a more superior etching agent(garnet suppliers), although the etching speed is not significantly increased, it can indeed improve the amount of side etching of the metal.(high quality alumina company mexico)

This processing method is basically the same as the selective etching method to be discussed below, but here is specifically used to reduce the quality of parts(silicon carbide price), and the selective etching method to be discussed below has higher requirements for dimensional accuracy. The smaller the amount of side erosion, the higher the processing accuracy, and the wider the application range(glass beads supplier). In fact, this understanding is not very accurate.

(high quality alumina company mexico)The etching speed is too fast(green carborundum), and it is difficult to control the processing of parts that require very precise depth; the faster the etching speed, the lower the quality of the etched metal surface, which obviously affects the smoothness and gloss of the etched surface; high etching speeds are often required High concentration of etchant concentration(garnet abrasive), highly corrosive chemical reagents, high etching temperature, etc.

The etching speed determines the length of the chemical etching processing cycle(silicon carbide companies). However, the etching speed is not as fast as possible. Furthermore, high concentrations of corrosive agents and high etching temperatures will increase environmental pollution and harm to operators(black oxide aluminum). The etching speed and the amount of side etching are the two most critical and also the most important parameters in chemical etching.

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