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High Quality Alumina Grit Manufacturers Ireland

When the insulation of AC and DC in the rectifier cabinet is reduced(aluminum oxide powder), the unit will send out a fault alarm signal, and the unit will trip at high voltage. When the main control power supply of the rectifier control cabinet loses power, the monitoring relay sends out a high voltage trip linkage signal(white aluminum oxide dental), active power, reactive power, and the "normal power supply" indicator on the panel goes out.

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The contents of self diagnosis and self recovery should include that the system should be able to detect the working state of each equipment(aluminum oxide polish), correctly judge the fault contents, point out the fault equipment and plug-ins, and make them automatically exit the online operation, so that they can be replaced quickly(80 grit aluminum oxide for cerakote); in case of software and hardware failure of one host computer in the dual computer system.(high quality alumina grit manufacturers ireland)

All the protection and monitoring devices are installed on the switch cabinet(white aluminum oxide lapping compound), and the optical fiber is used to communicate with the monitoring machine in the main control room through the communication management machine in the main control room(current, voltage(aluminum oxide 1000 grit), frequency, transformer winding temperature and oil temperature, etc.). Statistics of the time and times of transformer shutdown.

(high quality alumina grit manufacturers ireland)At the same time, all protection and monitoring devices are installed on the switch cabinet(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media), and optical fiber is used to communicate with the main control room monitoring machine through the communication management machine in the main control room. Unbalanced current protection(brown fused aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive), branch current protection, nameplate parameters of equipment, overvoltage protection and voltage loss protection.

Main electrical wiring diagram(aluminium oxide polishing compound), including real-time operation status of equipment (including transformer tap position, etc.), real-time values of main electrical quantities , indicating power flow direction, CT and Pt transformation ratio, etc(carborundum powder suppliers). It shall be able to provide flexible and convenient man-machine contact means for operators through each workstation to realize the monitoring and control of the whole system.

(high quality alumina grit manufacturers ireland)All and local wiring diagrams can be displayed by moving screen and framing display(silicon carbide grinding), and multi-layer display can be made according to different levels of detail; simultaneous operation state diagram of rectifier unit (including rectifier cabinet, water water cooler, filtering device, etc.) and operation state diagram of sub unit(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit); operation state of 10kV general distribution and each distribution power supply system.

DC system diagram (Note: DC system with intelligent interface shall be able to display basic operation parameters of charging device). According to the requirements(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16), it can select the operation modes and functions of measuring points, L / O modules, and can confirm and reset the relay protection signals remotely(aluminum oxide 500 grit), voltage operation curveit should be able to automatically switch to the other machine to work.(high quality alumina grit manufacturers ireland)

Real time display of main parameters (system voltage, current, power, power factor(aluminium oxide abrasive powder), DC current of electrolysis series, ), trend curve, equipment operation status, printers and other integrated automation equipment, communication status and communication protocol of various equipment with bar chart and curve chart(aluminum oxide 40/60 grit). It can display the status of switch and disconnector, protection signal and contact status.

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