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High Quality Alumina Grit Suppliers Mexico

The use of white fused alumina is very wide, it can be used in the abrasive industry, it can also be used in the refractory industry and so on. However, the influence of white corundum on various industries is different in various industries. For example, in the abrasive industry, the influence of white corundum is very large. In the refractory industry, white corundum is far from being in the abrasive industry.

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First of all, we all know that the wear resistance and hardness of fine grit aluminum oxide are highly ranked on the abrasive. Therefore, as an abrasive, having these two characteristics is enough to gain a foothold in the abrasive industry. The biggest benefit is that it is not harmful to the workers' body, which is far more than other abrasives, because black synthetic corundum has very little dust, so it will not be harmful to workers.(high quality alumina grit suppliers mexico)

White corundum in the refractory industry is simply because it has better refractory performance and is harder, so it can be used as some advanced refractory materials. Therefore, white aluminum oxide has a relatively small role in the refractory industry. The influence of the refractory industry will be lower. From the above, it can be seen that the influence of fused aluminum oxide on various industries is reflected in various aspects such as use and performance.

(high quality alumina grit suppliers mexico)After the production is complete, aluminium oxide sandblasting is small, clean and hard white, with high purity, good toughness, high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and good stability under high or low temperature. What determines the quality of white alumina? In this way, it seems that the raw materials for making white alumina directly affect the quality of aluminium oxide blasting grit. The selection and purchase of raw materials is also very important.

When the cost of black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit is relatively high, the price after production is relatively high. The raw material is the first factor that affects the quality of white corundum, and the second factor is the method of production. The production method is different for each manufacturer. As a professional manufacturer, HTC has its own professional team and its production method It is possible to perfect the raw materials and improve the quality of aluminium oxide abrasive grit.

The impact of this is so great that black alumina's influence on various industries is so different, let us wait and see. For these reasons, white corundum is abrasive. The influence in the industry will be so great. The scope of use of corundum white: It is suitable for polishing the surface of stainless steel or metal and making resin grinding tools or painting on the grinding tools.(high quality alumina grit suppliers mexico)

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