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It is also called chemical bond theory(white aluminium oxide blasting media). Some adhesive molecules can form chemical bond with some groups on the surface of the material to be bonded. Chemical bond is a strong attraction between two adjacent atoms in the molecule(brown aluminum oxide sand). This kind of chemical bond is very firm, but it is limited to specific adhesive varieties with reactivity, which cannot be explained Yes, many kinds of adhesives without chemical reaction.

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How to properly treat these different surfaces(brown aluminum oxide grit)? If a layer of surface treatment agent can be adsorbed on the interface between the adhesive and the glued part in advance, it can greatly improve the "accurate awakening" situation of the adhesive, which is conducive to the formation of chemical bond, thus greatly improving the bonding strength of the part(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). Generally, the chemical bond is one or two orders of magnitude larger than the van der Waals force between molecules.

Not only that, according to these test phenomena, when some adhesive joints are damaged and the surface of the metal is peeled off rapidly(aluminium oxide material for blasting), the phenomenon of light-emitting sensitive electricity is found in the dark and slight dancing sound is heard. As mentioned above, the other surface (glass, metal) is positively charged, which occurs At the moment when the adhesive and the adhesive are torn(white aluminium oxide grit). For the theory of dry chemical bond, "moistening" is very important.

It is considered that on the interface between the adhesive and the bonded part(white aluminium oxide powder), the double electric layer is formed by the contact with the electron affinity material, and the double electric layer forms a capacitor. No matter what kind of bonding theory, it can only reflect one side of bonding essence, so far, there is not enough experimental data to establish a complete bonding theory(white aluminum oxide crystals). Only the adhesive that can "moisten" the surface of the workpiece can be bonded. 

When the two plates of the capacitor are separated, the potential difference increases with the increase of the distance between the plates(white corundum), and the discharge starts at a certain value Because of the structure of the double electric layers, there is electrostatic attraction between them, thus generating adhesive force(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The tearing force increases with the increase of tearing speed, and the high-end objects are negatively charged when they are separated.

The adhesive and the surface of the interface are equivalent to the two plates of the dry capacitor(white fused alumina). The theory of electrostatic attraction tries to explain the following phenomena: many quotients do not discharge when bonding and peeling. When two adherends are both media, it is difficult to imagine a large number of electronic movements on the interface between the adhesive and the adherend(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit), and it is impossible to establish enough electromotive force between them.

In a word, in order to make the two parts bond closely and have enough strength(white aluminum oxide), in addition to the "wetting" between the adhesive and the surface of the object to form a combination with the lowest energy, it is also necessary to have a larger intermolecular force between the two parts. When the properties of the two polymers are the same or similar(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer), the greater the viscosity is, but the smaller the potential difference is.

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