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Between the cathode carbon block and the side lining material, the side tie paste is used to build an extension leg(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). The relevant positions of each part are shown in the figure. Finally, the groove face is formed by the space surrounded by cathode carbon block, side paste and side carbon block(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). Generally, the strength of electrolytic cell shell directly affects the service life of cell lining.

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In the process of electrolytic production, due to the thermal expansion stress of cathode carbon block and lining material at high temperature(aluminium oxide blast media), and the continuous erosion of electrolyte into carbon block and base masonry, salt crystals are generated, the number is increasing, and the solid volume is expanding, resulting in vertical and horizontal stress and deformation of tank shell(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). 

Usually, the bottom lining of the electrolytic cell, from bottom to top, are(180 grit aluminum oxide): laying a layer of 10mm thick rock wool board; laying a layer of 60-65mm thick calcium silicate insulation board, the insulation effect is equivalent to 2-2.5 layers of ordinary diatomaceous earth Insulation bricks(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel); spread a layer of 5mm thick refractory powder on the insulation board to protect the insulation board. 

Especially through the selection and combination of bottom insulation materials(aluminum oxide sand), it is necessary to ensure that the 900°C temperature line falls below the cathode carbon block, and the 800°C isotherm is located above the insulation brick(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). This principle should also be followed in the design and manufacture of groove shell(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Lining masonry can be divided into bottom masonry and side lining materials. 

This wide-spacing ship-shaped cradle trough shell in my country has the advantages of high strength, low cost, easy construction and maintenance, and is conducive to natural ventilation and cooling and helps to form trough crusts(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Generally, the cathode carbon block group is placed on the bottom masonry(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). The tank shell is welded with 12-16mm thick steel plate, and the outside is reinforced with section steel.

The thyristor rectifier unit adopts self coupling rectifier transformer or 1-2 no-load tapping taps are set at the primary side of the transformer, which can solve the deep control problems of excessive reactive power and low voltage operation in the initial stage of electrolytic series startup(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). The lining materials usually used in electrolyzers are(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel): insulation materials, refractory materials, carbon lining materials and bonding materials. 

The following factors should be considered in determining the groove depth(steel grid): liquid aluminum horizontal height, electrolyte horizontal height, polar distance, new anode carbon block height, insulation covering material thickness and covering material flow performance (repose angle)(aluminum oxide for sale). During the production of the pre culture tank, the side wall of the tank is required to dissipate heat and the bottom is required to be insulated(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel).

What is the function and structure of the pre cultured aluminum electrolytic cell shell(aluminum oxide grit blasting)? Electrolytic cell shell refers to the steel shell and its reinforcement structure outside the lining masonry(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). The development, changes and characteristics of the shell form of the pre-melted electrolytic cell in my country are shown in the table(100 grit aluminum oxide). The utility model is composed of a tank shell, a lining masonry and a cathode carbon block group.

It is one of the important factors determining the service life of the tank(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). At the same time, both thermal insulation panels and thermal insulation bricks are porous and loose materials, which can absorb the stress released by salt crystals to a certain extent. The cradle-type trough shell was adopted in the 1980s(garnet sand). Bus structure can be divided into public bus, connection bus, column bus, anode bus and cathode bus. 

After the 1990s(aluminum oxide abrasive media), the boat-shaped cradle frame groove shell was gradually promoted to replace the right-angle cradle frame groove shell(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). It is not only the carrier of the cathode and the container containing the lining masonry, but also plays the role of supporting the superstructure, various stresses generated by the lining material at high temperature and restraining the deformation of the tank shell(80 grit aluminum oxide). 

In order to resist various stresses, a reasonable groove shell structure must be selected to make the groove shell have greater rigidity, overcome stress, reduce deformation and prevent cathode dislocation and rupture(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). The 110kV, 220kV or 330kV high-voltage AC supplied by the power grid is introduced into the step-down transformer through the outdoor switch to reduce the high voltage to the required low-voltage AC(120 grit aluminum oxide). 

When the tank capacity increases to a certain extent, the heat dissipation on the side of the tank shell should be strengthened accordingly(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). Sometimes, the heat dissipation should be increased with the help of a specially designed tank shell structure. The structure of pre culture tank shell in China has experienced a process of continuous improvement(alumina abrasive). Early grooved shells were frame type and arm supported type. 

Therefore, what is the bottom inner structure of the domestic pre-compensated aluminum electrolytic cell(black silicon carbide)? The structure, material selection and construction quality of the electrolytic cell lining are related to the production index and cell life of the electrolytic cell(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). A good heat dissipation window should be formed on the upper part of the tank side to ensure that a regular furnace side is formed in the tank.

For the power supply system of the electrolysis plant above 100kt/a level(aluminium oxide sand), when the enterprise has a large electric load or has a load development demand, and is far away from the power plant or regional substation, the 220kV or 330kV voltage power supply should be preferred after technical and economic comparison(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). A good lining design should be able to meet the special requirements of the heat balance of the electrolytic cell(corundum sand). 

However(alumina sand), in order to meet the above requirements, the material and thickness of the lining of the electrolytic cell are determined through simulation analysis and heat balance calculation under the production conditions of the electrolytic cell(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). The upper structure includes anode, anode bus, anode lifting mechanism, gate-shaped bracket and beam, shelling and unloading system, smoke exhaust system and other parts.

For this reason(70 grit aluminum oxide), electrolytic cell shell structures of 300kA and above mostly adopt large cradle frame, three-layer coaming at the end and vertical ribs, large-surface boat-shaped structures, etc.(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel), to reduce stress concentration at vertical right angles. The bottom of the tank shell is in the shape of a boat, with a larger basket spacing of 1100mm(green silicon carbide). The cathode structure parameters of several large pre culture tanks are listed in table. 

Although this will lose part of the thermal insulation effect, it can keep the structure of the tank lining intact(high quality alumina powder suppliers israel). Then use mortar to build two layers of 65mm refractory bricks on the thermal insulation bricks: in order to increase thermal insulation(aluminium oxide blasting). The lower part and bottom of the trough side need good heat preservation to ensure the bottom of the trough is clean, prevent the legs from being too long, and save energy.

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