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High Quality Alumina Wholesale Suppliers Ireland

Due to the uniformity of the plate surface without grooves, the scattering of exposure time is reduced and the imaging resolution is improved(synthetic corundum). The preparation and washing process mainly includes the following sections: when the light is exposed to the dry film through the photographic plate and the plain ester film(240 grit aluminum oxide), the light scattering effect of the polyester film on the light makes the light side reflect, thus reducing the resolution of the dry film.

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The compressed brush contains fine abrasive particles(aluminum oxide grit), and the pressure of the brush roller on the surface of the plate to be brushed is large, so the steel surface brushed is uniform and uniform. According to the technical requirements of common dry film, the minimum average line width that can be resolved is less than or equal to 100um, and the secondary index is ≤ 150um(46 grit aluminum oxide). Due to the thin multilayer substrate, not only the treatment effect is not ideal, but also curl. 

(high quality alumina wholesale suppliers ireland)Nylon brush combined with pumice slurry for polishing(brown fused alumina); brushing to remove pumice powder on the board surface; high pressure water washing; water washing; drying. After exposure, the dry film can be removed in strong alkali solution after etching or electroplating(glass bead blasting media suppliers). In order to prevent the nylon wire from being damaged due to overheating, tap water should be continuously sprayed on the plate surface for cooling and wetting.

It is mainly used to clean the inner substrate of dry multi-layer board(silicon carbide abrasive). Abrasive pumice powder combined with nylon brush can remove all dirt and expose fresh and clean steel surface. The effect of nylon is mild, and the connection between the surface and the hole will not be damaged. The flexibility of the relatively soft nylon pair can make up for the uneven surface caused by brush wear(steel grid). Resolution refers to the number of lines (or spacing) formed by ten film resist within a distance of 1 mm.(high quality alumina wholesale suppliers ireland)

The disadvantage of this method is that pumice powder is easy to damage the mechanical part of the equipment(green silicon carbide). This is a kind of manual cleaning method, which has a certain practical value for a small number of production. This method uses carbon with wood to wet grind in one direction on the surface of the pan(garnet suppliers). Different abrasive grains have different uses. It can form a completely granulated, rough, uniform, multi peak surface without cultivated trench.

(high quality alumina wholesale suppliers ireland)The resolution can also be expressed by the absolute size of lines (or spacing). The resolution can also be called resolution(aluminum oxide abrasive). After grinding, the base plate is dipped with 200 months fine decontamination powder with a brush, and then it is brushed and grinded back and forth on the mooring surface or spiral brush grinding is done to roughen the copper surface(garnet abrasive). Finally, the decontamination powder on the clean surface is washed with clean water.

The disadvantage is that the nylon wire is thin and easy to tear, and has short service life(black silicon carbide). The outstanding feature of the bristle type is that the nylon wire has good wear resistance, so it has a long service life, which is about 10 times as long as that of the compression brush. However, this kind of play is not suitable for the treatment of multilayer substrate(emery abrasive).  The thicker the polyester film is, the more serious the light side reflection is, and the lower the resolution is.

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