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The following analyzes the error in measuring (or adjusting) the temperature under production conditions(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). For example, according to the literature, two correction values are added: the correction value of the temperature packet length and the correction value that changes due to long-term use. When the error exceeds the provisions of the Soviet national standard(aluminium oxide polishing powder), the thermometer cannot be used.

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To correctly judge the technical measurement results, various factors that affect the measurement accuracy should be considered(wholesale brown fused alumina). In addition, the calculation of the cold junction temperature: the thermoelectric properties of the compensation wire and the thermocouple are different(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit); for the liquid expansion thermometer, the height difference between the temperature measuring cylinder and the instrument must also be considered.

When measuring temperature with a thermoelectric pyrometer(brown fused alumina), the following main errors should be considered, including: the thermocouple characteristics and the calibration scale are different; the thermocouple installation location selection Improper; Improper selection of external circuit resistance(low density white alumina); changes in the temperature of the surrounding medium; the role of external magnetic fields and electric fields.

Normally, the cold junction temperature correction value is measured according to the scale(brown aluminum oxide). When measuring temperature with a thermocouple, it is actually the additional cold junction temperature correction value (that is, the selection of the hot electrode conductor), the scale correction value calibrated according to the verification result(alumina polishing powder), and the connecting wire and the millivoltmeter coil Time Correction value of resistance change.

There are many ways to calculate the temperature of the cold junction(brown aluminium oxide), among which the method of constant temperature adjustment and the use of a compensation box to automatically correct the temperature of the cold junction should be pointed out(silicon carbide abrasive powder). The box is equipped with an automatic regulator that works according to the principle of the unbalanced bridge(when tested with a high temperature millivoltmeter).

When measuring temperature with a high-temperature millivoltmeter, the indication value is determined according to the current flowing through the frame(glass beads manufacturers), and its value depends on the thermoelectromotive force and resistance values of the millivoltmeter, connecting wires and thermocouples. Generally, the resistance of the external circuit is equal to the scale(aluminum oxide blasting). If the resistance value is found to be low, a manganese-copper resistor should be added. 

The resistance value of the connecting wire and the millivoltmeter depends on the temperature of the surrounding medium(garnet abrasive price), and the change in the resistance value of the thermocouple depends on the degree of wear and heating of the thermocouple. To reduce the influence of external circuit resistance on the indicated value of the millivoltmeter(silicon carbide grit suppliers), the resistance of the millivoltmeter should be as large as possible.

The correct selection of the thermode is of great significance to the measurement accuracy(glass bead abrasive), because its specification should be consistent with that of the thermocouple thermode material. When there is a difference from the scale value, a correction value is added to the instrument indication(carborundum powder), which is equal to the thermoelectromotive force value obtained by the thermocouple at the actual temperature and the calibration temperature.

Now briefly analyze the above errors(steel shot abrasive). The thermoelectric pyrometer is calibrated when the temperature of the free end of the thermocouple is equal to 0 ℃. When a thermocouple with a secondary compensation instrument (electronic potentiometer) is used, the calculation of the cold junction temperature can be performed automatically(carborundum grit suppliers). Further research in this area shows that similar extrapolation methods are disproportionate.

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