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High Quality Aluminium Oxide Grit Blasting Vendor Canada

Resin abrasive tools are made of resin as a bonding agent, and the materials are bonded together to form different cutting tools(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). Resin emperor tools are one of the dry and auxiliary knot abrasive tools(aluminum oxide blasting grit). When the pre-grinding force exceeds the strength of the abrasive particles or the holding power of the binding agent, the abrasive particles break or fall off, and the burr force is increased.

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According to the shape of the resin abrasive tools, grinding wheels and sand tiles can be divided(white fused alumina abrasives), Grinding stone, grinding head, throwing away the spring. The abrasive tool is composed of four elements: abrasive grains, binder, auxiliary materials and pores. The cutting front edge of the abrasive grain is the same as the cutting edge of the turning tool and the milling cutter(white aluminium oxide blasting media), which is the dominant factor of grinding.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor canada)Abrasive tools are actually a collection of abrasive particles, which can cut off the chips on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of grinding(white corundum price). Binding agent The binding agent binds the particles and auxiliary materials together, and after curing, it becomes an abrasive tool with a certain shape and strength(brown aluminum oxide grit). In addition, during the grinding of ketones, the cutting edge of the abrasive grains is choked.

Auxiliary materials In order to improve the performance of a certain building of abrasive tools(brown alumina abrasive), such as increasing the strength and improving the cutting performance, etc., and the self-sharpness is poor: to meet the processing needs of some special drunk ketones(glass bead abrasive). The hardness of the grinding tool refers to the difficulty of the abrasive particles falling off the surface of the grinding tool under the action of external force.(high quality aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor canada)

Generally speaking, the abrasives with high hardness are difficult to fall off, the temporary hardness with low hardness is easy to fall off and the self-sharpness is good(brown fused alumina). When the abrasive tool is grinding, it is mainly the interaction of the abrasive particles on the workpiece(aluminium oxide material for blasting). When the abrasive particles are subjected to external forces, the bonding agent is bound to be subjected to certain external forces at the same time.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor canada)Therefore, the hardness of the abrasive tool is affected by the abrasive particles and the bonding agent(aluminium grit blasting). The comprehensive reflection of the external force is judged by the difficulty of the binder to hold the abrasive particles off the surface. Therefore(white fused aluminum oxide refractory), the determination of the hardness of the abrasive is not mainly the hardness of the abrasive particles, but the ability of the binder to hold the abrasive particles.

Abrasive grains with low hardness can be made into high-hardness abrasives(green silicon carbide); high-hardness abrasive grains can also be made into low-hardness abrasives. According to the national standard GB / T2484-1994, the hardness codes of abrasives are divided into A, B, C, D, EF, G, H, JK, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S in the order of soft to hard , T, Y. A total of 19 levels(brown aluminum oxide sand). The air holes are used for chip removal or cooling. (high quality aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor canada)

Among all the physical and mechanical properties of the abrasive tool, it can accurately reflect the performance of the abrasive tool before grinding(brown aluminium oxide grit). At present, there are many methods for measuring the hardness of abrasive tools at home and abroad, among which the hand-dimensional method, mechanical cone method(brown fused alumina micro), olfactory sand method and Rockwell method are the most widely used methods.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor canada)According to the mechanical industry standard JB / T7992--1996 "Inspection Methods of Abrasive Tools"(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), the precision is F36 ~ F150 resin abrasive tools, the hardness is checked with a sandblast hardness machine, the precision is F180 ~ F1200 resin abrasive tools, and the Grignard hardness tester is used to check hardness(garnet sand). Abrasive tool hardness is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the abrasive tool.

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