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High Quality Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Belgium

After long-term use of paraffin stearic acid mold material(brown aluminum oxide factory), the color of the mold material gradually darkens, and even has a brown color, which causes the shrinkage of the mold material to increase. Therefore, it needs to be treated with activated clay to improve the performance of the mold material. The processed mold material is milky white with good coating performance(black fused alumina). The determination method is shown in the appendix.

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According to experience, 3% to 5% of the weight of the wax to be reused should be supplemented with stearic acid(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). In the molding process, if it is applied too much, it will be counterproductive and will reduce the surface quality of the investment mold. The actual loss of stearic acid in the recovered wax can also be determined and supplemented(black synthetic corundum). After these impurities are mixed into the mold material, it must be recycled before the mold material can be reused.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers belgium)The investment mold is easy to deform(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). During acid treatment, metal oxides such as aluminum and iron in the bentonite are partially dissolved, resulting in increased porosity in the structure and a large surface area. Large increase (the specific surface area is about 100~300m/g), so it has good adsorption capacity, can adsorb various impurities in the wax liquid around its surface, and aggregate and precipitate to be removed(corundum abrasive), and the brittleness increases.

Activated clay treatment method: heat the acid-treated mold material to 110~120℃(white aluminium oxide 180/220), add pre-dried 200 mesh activated clay, add 10%~15% of the mass of the mold material, and stir while adding After the addition, continue to stir for about 30 minutes to make the activated clay and the mold material to be processed fully mix and contact, and keep it for 4 to 5 hours(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), so that the clay and impurities are fully precipitated or vacuum filtered after 1 to 1.5 hours.(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers belgium)

In the steam dewaxing process of the resin-based mold material, the liquid mold material is easily mixed with sand, dust and moisture(brown aluminium oxide grit). After the wax material is recycled for a long time, the stearic acid in it will be gradually lost due to saponification, so it is necessary to add new stearic acid to the specified ratio(pink fused alumina). To separate and remove these inclusions in such molding materials, it is necessary to process them for a longer time at a higher temperature. The temperature needs to be properly controlled.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers belgium)Activated clay is a kind of bentonite treated with dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). Since my country’s current companies that sell a series of commercial mold materials, there is no service for recycling waste wax materials for centralized reuse and re-producing them into new mold materials(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Therefore, most of the investment casting companies in my country that use such mold materials are basically Recycle and reuse waste mold materials in our factory.

Compared with wax-based molding materials, resin-based molding materials have higher viscosity(aluminum oxide sandblasting). If the processing temperature is too high, the resin and waxy materials in the mold material are easily oxidized, resulting in the darkening of the color of the mold material, the increase of viscosity and brittleness, and the deterioration of the mold material, which deteriorates the performance(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). It can be added at the last stage of each wax return and stir well.

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