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High Quality Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers France

In a kind of brown fused alumina sample after calcination, the proportion of blue particles is in the high to medium range of 2.4% - 3.0% of the typical technical conditions of titanium dioxide (TiO2), while the proportion of non blue particles is lower than the lower limit of the technical conditions. 

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There may be some brown aluminum oxide whose chemical composition is within the range of typical technical conditions, but it will not get blue after calcination, because it is mostly a mixture of low titanium dioxide particles, doped with some high titanium dioxide particles. Some brown corundum manufacturers add about 0.25% MgO to brown corundum to control its color after calcination. Brown corundum containing this additive tends to have a deeper and more consistent calcined blue color.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers france)It is speculated that MgO can inhibit the growth of TiO2 grains and keep its size within the range of blue light scattering. The toughness of brown aluminium oxide increases with the growth of TiO2. The TiO2 phase uniformly dispersed in the α - alumina grains toughened the particles. It is a well-known toughening mechanism that the second phase is well isolated in a ceramic material. The biggest point of toughness enhancement is before the blue color of synthetic corundum price.

Like many properties of granular materials, the average color of all particles in the artificial corundum sample is the blue after calcination. The chemical analysis of titanium oxide in brown corundum (TiO2 is always reported) only gives the total content of titanium oxide, but does not distinguish between the solid solution of TiO2 in glass phase and TiO2 or the third phase of aluminum titanate (TiO2 Al2O3), in which the third phase exists on the surface of alumina grit. If the last piece is not blue, the same size sample shall be submitted for chemical analysis.(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers france)

Blue color is not only important for the commercialization of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive, but also shows that brown corundum has been fully calcined to increase its toughness. The content of titanium oxide in α - alumina crystal can be determined by heat treatment of brown corundum sample. The test sample is to mix a single particle of corundum abrasive with a small amount of pure ceramic binder, then pour the mixture into the mold and press it into a piece, and then bake the piece under controlled oxidation conditions.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers france)It is suggested that aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit should be tested for its calcined color. It is necessary to have a simple understanding of the physical structure of brown corundum, so as to avoid unexpected quality problems. The microscopic examination of brown corundum shows that it is composed of 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media grains, which are adhered together by a small amount of glass slag. It is composed of more than 95% α - alumina crystal and Al2O3 solid solution containing Ti2O3.

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