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Low drying temperature and short time cannot make the green agent dry uniformly(fused alumina); high temperature and long time cause the coating layer to crack, and it is easy to cause the surface of the sample to be corroded by the paste. The drying sample is heated by SX2-10-12 box-type resistance furnace(pink fused alumina), and the temperature is controlled by KSY-12D-16 electric furnace temperature controller with an accuracy of about 5°C.

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These attachments not only reduce the effectiveness of the penetration agent, but also affect the adhesion, compactness and durability of the penetration layer(arc fused alumina). The temperature and time of the diffusion treatment depend on the requirements of the steel type and the thickness of the infiltration layer. The surface of the green agent must be kept clean to prevent cracks during the drying process(glass beads manufacturers). After cleaning, residual acid is often left on the metal surface.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers vietnam)Firstly, clean the sample with acetone to remove oil stains; secondly, clean the surface to be infiltrated with 20% hydrochloric acid for more than 30 seconds(silicon carbide companies). There are two purposes of cleaning: one is to activate the surface of the sample, and the other is to remove the rust and oxide scale on the surface of the sample(garnet abrasive price). Adequate mixing has a greater impact on the co-infiltration quality of the paste, and it must be fully mixed after a certain period of time.

Therefore, this experiment also uses a ball-milled mixing penetrant preparation process to compare the structure and performance of the infiltrated layer(green carborundum). Therefore, the sample must be cleaned in running water for a cleaning time of 5min-9min. The preparation process of self-made penetrant mainly includes mechanical mixing method and ball milling mixing method(glass bead abrasive). Therefore, the surface of the workpiece must be cleaned before infiltration plating.

Co-permeation process(silicon carbide price): degreasing-cleaning-rust removal, activation-cleaning-powder making-using a binder to adjust the penetrating agent into a blue shape and stirring evenly-coating-drying-heating-air cooling-surface cleaning. Pulverizing requires uniform dispersion of various penetrant components to avoid the presence of coarse particles(steel shot abrasive). In this experiment, 5wt% carboxymethyl cellulose was used as the binder to prepare the paste.(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers vietnam)

The surface cleaning of the workpiece is mainly to remove oil and rust(brown fused alumina). This is caused by the lack of boron and aluminum potential due to the thin paste and less infiltration agent; more than 5mm, the increase in the thickness of the infiltration layer is not obvious. The sample cannot be dried naturally, otherwise there will be cracks on the surface of the paste(aluminium oxide polishing powder). Put the coated sample into a drying oven and dry it at 40℃~50℃ for 4h~5h.

Mechanical mixing refers to mixing and grinding various powders in a mortar until they are relatively uniform(black oxide aluminum). Adjust the blended penetrant with carboxymethyl cellulose aqueous solution into a green shape, and evenly coat it on the surface of the sample. The thickness of the green agent should be between 4mm~5mm(black synthetic corundum). If it is less than 2mm, the infiltration layer is shallow and accompanied by corrosion and adhesion of the workpiece.

(high quality aluminium oxide grit suppliers vietnam)The co-infiltration process parameters selected in this test are shown in the figure, and the infiltration is air-cooled to room temperature(glass beads supplier). In order to study the infiltration of boron and aluminum into the matrix material and the movement of alloy elements in the infiltration layer and matrix, the EPMA-8705 electron probe microanalyzer was used to analyze and analyze the alloy element distribution in the infiltration layer(black alumina). Line analysis.

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