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When the rough surface is in contact with the smooth surface, the profile spectrum is captured, and the curve parameters of the bearing surface are determined by these profile spectra(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). It can be considered that the contact between the rough surface and the smooth surface is plastic contact, and the actual contact plane will be equal to the abscissa of the supporting surface curve(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). 

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When the rough surface of the tested sample is in contact with the third-floor mirror made of light-transmitting material (glass), there is no light reflection at the contact, and black spots appear on the eyepiece(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). The light with continuous wavelength distribution is used to pass through the wear particles, and some wavelengths of light are absorbed by the particles to form an absorption spectrum(steel shot abrasive).

In this case, by measuring the approach of rough and smooth surfaces, you can judge the actual contact area(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). When the colored surface with the drum light comes into contact with the unpainted surface, the fluorescent film at the contact point will transfer(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). When the sample is separated, it leaves obvious traces of contact points on the bottom of the film(white aluminum oxide 180 grit). The size and quantity of the traces can be measured. 

After being irradiated by ultraviolet rays, it shows a waste of light and emits a spectrum of visible light, so as to measure the actual contact area(garnet blasting media). Use isotope to activate the contact surface of one of the friction pairs or a layer of active isotope on the mirror. More, the larger the actual contact area(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). The surface grinding morphology was observed and analyzed by naked eye, magnifying glass and stereomicroscope. 

The actual contact area is determined based on the amount and distribution of the active isotope transferred to the unactivated surface measured by automatic photography(aluminum oxide grit blasting). The data obtained by this method is reliable and sensitive, but the equipment is complicated. It has an impact on the contact form and overlap coefficient, as well as on the pressure, movement speed, wear amount, etc(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). of the sliding state.

The carbon film is vacuum-plated on the contact surface, the film thickness is 40~504m(black silicon carbide). The carbon film ruptures after contact with the test piece. Get the actual contact area(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). This method is more accurate, simple and reliable. The measurable surface roughness is the actual contact area of the surface with R0.4~R0.2(aluminium oxide blasting). The friction foundation composed of a fixed sample or a moving sample is generally not suitable for inversion.

The more contact points, the more black spots or stripes(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). If used in conjunction with an optical microscope or photographing system, the formation and development process of the actual contact surface during static and dynamic contact under external force can be directly observed and photographed(46 grit aluminum oxide). The combination of different contact forms and different motion forms can form a variety of wear test methods. 

When parallel light passes through two contacting rough surfaces, interference fringes are generated due to light refraction at the non-contact part (void), based on which the actual contact area can be evaluated(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). Similar to the general steps of other failure analysis, the steps of wear failure analysis are as follows: investigate and study, understand the failure background, and collect original data(silicon carbide powder). Macro inspection.

It shows that the motion form is only sliding, which is a typical test method composed of different contact forms(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). The characteristics and application scope of wear surface morphology, morphology analysis method, micro area and surface composition analysis method, phase structure, crystal orientation and stress analysis method are listed respectively(corundum sand). The samples are generally stored in a dry dish. 

Further experimental analysis(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). Such as stress and stress analysis, material performance test, chemical composition analysis of parts, group inspection, non-destructive damage, etc(alumina sand); The surface layer or sub surface layer of wear parts was analyzed by scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope and X-ray Street radiometer(aluminium oxide sand); Simulation test on nanshang testing machine or bench, etc.

Comprehensive analysis(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Because the wear is the result of the interaction between the object surface, we should pay attention to the surface layer, or the surface layer and wear debris analysis in the wear failure analysis: surface layer analysis(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). Such as brain damage surface topography, surface film, surface material composition, organization and structure, and changes in the wear process, surface hardness, etc(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media). 

For example, metallographic observation and hardness distribution test of vertical agent surface and inclined section should also pay attention to the degree of strong deformation and the change of microstructure in profile damage(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit). The measurement accuracy of this method is mainly related to the properties of the film or phosphor additives(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). In order to prevent corrosion and corrosion in the air, grease the surface. 

The grinding genus can be collected by magnet, iron instrument and other sorting methods, and the shape theory can be observed in stereoscopic microscopy, two-color Kanger money and scanning electricity(aluminum oxide blast media canada). It can also be made into samples in Wensi Jinger language for structural analysis in suitable radio micro(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). Collision and scratch shall be avoided on the wear surface to prevent new wear marks and deformation.

The motion forms include sliding; excitement; filling and sliding motion; reciprocating motion; magic stroke and so on(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). The samples for wear failure analysis shall be properly stored and cleaned. To remove the protective oil layer, it is generally to soak and wash it in acrylic acid or alcohol(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). Avoid rubbing it with cotton to avoid cleaning the fiber(aluminium oxide blasting media). It is best to wash it again with ultrasonic before observation. 

The lubricating oil with grinding is extracted from the machinery and equipment, and the variety and content of elements can be analyzed by spectral oil analysis method, so as to understand the wear situation(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). In the same wear test, the motion form can be changed by controlling the test parameters(glass bead abrasive). According to the structure of the electric profiler, there are three types: capacitive, inductive and piezoelectric.

In particular, the wear particles are impacted by charged particles at high temperature and emit various wavelength radiation lines representing the characteristics of each element(alumina grit); The required radiation is separated by an appropriate spectrometer, and the type and content of wear particles are determined by comparing the thanked radiation with the pre prepared calibrator(high quality aluminium oxide manufacturers georgia). Integration analysis. Subsurface analysis. 

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