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High Quality Aluminium Oxide Polishing Compound Mexico

The width of the clay sintering range is mainly determined by the content and type of flux impurities contained(fused alumina). The sintering range of high-quality kaolin can reach 200 ℃, the impure clay is about 150 ℃, and the illite clay is only 50-80 ℃. For example, the adsorption capacity of montmorillonite is 6-8 times greater than kaolinite, so its plasticity is much better(aluminum oxide blasting). The loss of 1 kg of alumina per kg of silica is reasonable according to the silicon content.

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Under the premise that the tank condition permits(white fused alumina), the reduction of the underflow liquid-solid ratio of the alumina in the unit volume of the slurry will reduce the amount of alumina that is beneficial to washing. The alkali and alumina in the red mud can be recovered to the maximum extent(black oxide aluminum). Supervise the temperature of the washing water to prevent the loss of hydrolysis due to the low temperature of the washing water (95°C).(high quality aluminium oxide polishing compound mexico)

X tons of attached liquid, there are Y tons of red mud(white aluminum oxide). According to the corresponding liquid-solid ratio equation, the true specific gravity of red mud is regarded as 3 here. X/Y=L/SX/1+Y/3=1 can solve the equation Calculating the alumina carried away by the liquid and red mud has the greatest effort to reduce the depletion of the ore and try to control the liquid-solid ratio of the underflow(carborundum powder). Otherwise, the mine consumption will increase.

(high quality aluminium oxide polishing compound mexico)The dispatcher on duty often checks the content of silica in the ore(white corundum). The scheduling should determine whether the belt scale of the raw material workshop is accurate according to the changes in the process, liquid balance, small inventory, ten-day inventory or monthly inventory(steel grid). The loss of alkali in the production process of alumina is mainly composed of chemical loss, accessory loss, loss of finished product and other losses.

Timely accounting for the increase or decrease in mineral consumption caused by changes in ore composition(silicon carbide price), and strive to achieve early discovery, accurate analysis, and timely and effective adjustments to avoid substantial mineral consumption during the end of the month of inventory Fluctuating situation(garnet suppliers). It is hoped that the sintering range of clay is wide, it can increase the sintering range of the binder, and is beneficial to the stability of product quality.(high quality aluminium oxide polishing compound mexico)

When the temperature of the raw liquid is higher than the final effective boiling point of the evaporator(green carborundum), the heat brought into the evaporator returns to the aqueous solution to evaporate a part of the secondary steam, reducing steam consumption; urging the workshops to carefully statistically analyze the relevant data(glass beads supplier), when the raw liquid temperature is lower than the final effective boiling point, not only must absorb some heat to reach the boiling point.

(high quality aluminium oxide polishing compound mexico)Dispatch room and workshop master control room personnel should timely grasp and understand the changes of the workshop red mud lotion A12O3 and NK(silicon carbide companies). Check the running, running, dripping, and leaking conditions of each workshop regularly, and the branch plant regularly arranges personnel to regularly check whether there is leakage in each tank(garnet abrasive). And it takes a certain amount of time, resulting in increased steam consumption.

Reasonably and timely adjust the washing water flow of the flat pan in the melting workshop to ensure that the washable alkali from flat pan A enters the roaster system as little as possible(arc fused alumina). For the adjustment of the workshop in terms of washing water, the necessity of its adjustment should be checked in time(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The main part of alkali consumption in alumina production is the loss of sodium oxide carried away by red mud.

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